Feeling at Home

Sundays are my favorite. My boys and I (that includes my husband, Marc, and our twin boys) spend a lot of down time together on this day.
Since we’ve been living in a smaller apartment, our hang out place is the family room and we all end up in here together.

We don’t always do a lot of talking but just the company of each other is relaxing sitting around this big sectional sofa.

Of course each of us has some sort of electronic in front of us.

I know once we move I will reflect on the days we just sat all together here in the same room.

As much as we are all looking forward to moving into a home with a yard and a roomier kitchen to cook in, we do appreciate that we have little obligations on our weekends. We don’t have a yard to keep, a big house to clean or anything to repair. We can just relax.

I like apartment living much more than I expected to.

Our little Ms. Mazi finds the most comfortable spot in the house no matter where we live.

The other day, while taking Mazi out for a potty break, one of my neighbors asked me “Is your dog’s name Lazy?” I laughed and replied “Pretty much”.

The draw back to living in an apartment complex is that we can smell other resident’s cooking from the hallways. That sounds dumb but it stinks. I swear one of our neighbors eats microwaved hot dogs and burnt tater tots every single day. Yuck!

I am so looking forward to decorating and making our new home feel comfortable, lived in and yes, only smelling our own cooking will be nice too (like the cookies that are going in the oven now – thank you Pillsbury cookie dough).

The decor in some of the houses we toured last Sunday were inspiring and pretty, like this dining room that I love.

What I am finding out though, is that time and being together is what really makes a house have that feeling of home – even our little apartment now has a comforting feeling when we walk through the door.

I haven’t had sayings on my walls for some time but I think of some that I have had or made for other people and they are true.

Together, a Great Place to Be – or – Homes is where I’m with you.

The first one I ever put on our wall was Home is where our story begins.

They were trendy and kind of sweet but I won’t be putting them up in the next house, however, I do think of them.

Tomorrow I pick plumbing fixtures for the house (House Tour 4).

Chocolate Chip Cookies – here I come!
(I’m sure my apartment neighbors think – All that family ever eats is chocolate chip cookies -every-single-day!  – Ha – I wish!)

Enjoy your day!

Blessings and Prayers for Texas.

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At Rivercrest Cottage

I've enjoyed living in a few apartments through the years. The best were ground level ones with a patio. Your little \”LAZY\” is too cute!


Bonjour,Une très jolie publication avec de beaux partages photographiques.Gros bisous ��Une pensée particulière aux familles qui ont subi ce drame.

Katie Mansfield

Lovely post/lovely inspiration. These poor Texas people.

Holly @ Down to Earth Style

Hahaha – Ms. Nana Diana – you are for real!!!I love your replies to experiences that I am going through and hope that some day I will have a growing family to accommodate to as you do.Sweet cheeks and all!!!xoHolly


When we were building on to/remodeling this house we rented a one bedroom apartment as close to here as we could get. It had a decent sized kitchen, dining room and nice sized living room with a fireplace. The first week I felt like I was trapped …lol….then as I got things decorated and it felt more like \”home\” I found I liked coming home at the end of a day and not having to worry about cleaning a big house and I could relax a bit. We are downsizing but I don't think I could go that small again… Read more »

Holly @ Down to Earth Style

Ms. Brenda – you have a luxury spot at your complex. We are on the second floor with no windows in the halls. I notice you even have access to gardens and flowers. Our deck is so small we barely can fit two people there for a conversation. Luckily we can take a walk by a nearby pond and wooded trails. Thank you, Brenda, for always stopping by for a comment! xoHolly

Brenda Pruitt

I don't know what is going on here in the US, but it's clear to me that we need to address gun control, which they will find some reason NOT to do. Again. As for apartment living, I like it. But then I don't walk down halls. I have a one level patio apartment. I can't smell food cooked by anyone else, and I'm on the end. So I only have one apartment attached to one side. I have my large fenced patio. I don't have to worry about someone mowing or trimming the shrubs. And I can park right… Read more »