My Kitchen Crush

Photo by Don Ziebell 
Browsing around the internet for kitchen inspiration can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful kitchens that I can see myself loving to make dinner in.

Photo by Redbud Custom Homes
White kitchens have been especially popular for several years and they look so super fresh and clean.

I loved my nearly white kitchen.

I loved this kitchen for the layout and the bright cabinets, I made that island to give it more character. That wasn’t a super hard task because the island didn’t house any appliances or plumbing. The floor had not been sealed under the original island so I painted a rug there.

This white kitchen is beautiful.

Do you know what my eyes do when I look at this picture?

They float around all the whiteness and finally focus in on that black and white window treatment.

That does not surprise me at all because black and white patterns are my favorite. But what that also tells me is that I prefer a focal point that is not all white but one with a dramatic contrast – something my eyes to be drawn to.

Here are some un-white-kitchens that I am crushing on lately:

Photo by Tri Arc Builders
I am loving the black in this space. The texture of the brick wall and warmth of the wood play well with the dark.
Photo by Tri Arc Builders
The rich dark stain in this kitchen speaks classy and sophisticated. There is enough natural light flowing in to keep it warm feeling.
Photo by Rosney Co. Architects
In contrast, this kitchen is very bright and clean and I like that the counter tops are dark. As much as I see beauty in this kitchen, I am not feeling that look this time around.
Photo by Christine Donner Kitchen Design Inc. 
In a cozy space I love the white. The white cabinets in this small space makes it less busy with the accessories of books and greenery. Absolutely darling!

So here is our first floor layout (reversed without customization):

See how the kitchen is part of the family room? The eating areas are off to the sides which I am super excited for.

While searching for a floor plan I couldn’t imagine not having a kitchen window but there are windows on all sides of this house. I resigned to just letting that idea of a window over my sink go since this is what most of the newer homes have now. I think I will enjoy facing my family and guests while working in the kitchen.

My next appointment is to choose appliances. I have had stainless appliances before and I like the look but I think they are high maintenance to keep clean. I am wondering if black might be a good route to go.

Black Kitchen - Keld Mikkelsen & Marianne Brandi
(saved from my pin board HERE)

I am loving black. Maybe it’s the Fall season rubbing off on me but dark colors are looking amazing even though I love white too.

With that being said – I’m thinking I will skip on the all white kitchen trend, however, I am still deciding on cabinet stain or paint color and I am wondering if I would like two toned cabinetry.

We’ll see…

For now, check out my Biggest Kitchen Crush!

Marie claire maison décembre 2014
When I showed my husband this photo he said “Maybe we should buy a fixer upper”.

We actually almost did!

I love the dark wood, black and white floor and the roughed-up, old door. I swear this photo was taken just for me.
Our floors are all wood downstairs so I won’t really get this look – in the kitchen anyway.
If you have any thoughts about appliances, that is my next choice on the list. Let me know what you think.

Stainless? Black? A paneled fridge?

Help me!
Have a super fun weekend!