Up Cycled Containers

In  the last year or two I have learned something about myself.

I love bins…

Wood, metal, wire, new or old.

My parents let me barrow the one above, an old Pepsi crate that is divided up to separate soda bottles. I  plopped in a couple of glass jars and now use it to organize office supplies.

This box was somebody’s craft box before I got my hands on it. A $3 find at the thrift store. I painted over the original stenciling and used my own style of typography to personalize it.

Above, it is hung on the wall. How? Just put two screws in the back, wrap some framing wire around each and hang it from a Monkey Hook.

Not familiar with Monkey Hooks?

These are one of the best inventions for hanging heavy items on a sheet rock wall.
(to purchase click THIS link)
It’s convenient to hang narrow storage containers on a wall if you don’t have a lot of counter or shelf space.
But my family will be looking under our kitchen table for the supplies that are in the ETC. box. (#managingexpectations)
Along with everything else. 🙂
Want to see other ways to use old bins or crates?
This is an old bucket for magazines.
That old crate has been used in so many ways but I love it as an end table.
Under a kitchen island is an old milk crate that stores pot and pan lids. (click THIS post for more)
Wire basket for more magazines.
See the wooden bin under the bench holding hats? And the metal bucket holding natural pine cones?

It’s pretty easy to find used containers at The Goodwill store. (link)

There are so many uses for these old containers and they give a lived in and rustic look to a space.
I find them so handy, especially with having children. You can never have too many containers to throw junk in.
Enjoy your day and come again!
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Lawanna Brown

Holly, I know exactly where you get this craze from. It just dawned on me how your dad loves boxes and crates, only his goes beyond wood and metal. I have a hard time throwing away any container that might be useful in the future. It is an addiction for sure and hereditary. I have over the years learned to appreciate his insight and knowing where he hides his stash when I need a quick box or container. Yours are however much more creative. love ya, mom

Katie Mansfield

I love old stuff to store stuff. Your green box is super cute. Perfect for the homework area.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Lots of great organizational ideas…I love the re-purposed craft box, and the magazines look great in the bucket!


You have a nice collection of things to store items in. I love the box on the wall with the ETC stenciled on it!

Tenneil at R7

We are storage soul sisters!!I'm hoping to find inexpensive pop bottle crates this summer for use in my classroom next year!

Cozy Little House

I've been seeking out old boxes and crates since my twenties.Brenda

Gee Singh Newbanks

Me too!!! I prefer 'outside the box' options. Gives character to the home . LUV the crate as an end table. Hugs, Gee

Simple and serene living Laura Walker

Can we ever have enough old bins and crates? I think not 🙂


ME.TOO. I love old crates and bins and wire containers. Honestly–I think it is a sickness but I am NOT looking for a cure! Hope you are having a great week-xo Diana


Bonjour,J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à consulter votre petit billet accompagné de superbes photos qui mettent en avant la seconde vie d'objets de toute sorte et devenus bien utiles !Merci pour ce partage.Gros bisous ♡

Barbara Jean

great post.I get your emails and look around but do not usually comment for lack of time.I am curious about the monkey hooks. how exactly do they work?thanksI enjoy your blog.blessingsBarb

KUNIs little white castle

Wooooooow i also love it!!!!

Christine Vandormolen

Me too, me too !!! I do the same thing, got tons of old crates and buckets. I love the ETC box you gave a make-over….super great Holly!!!