Duck Tape Belt Re-Do ~ Project Challenge

Happy Friday All!

Yes, It’s the end of another month! Time sure flies when we are having fun.

It’s time for Project Challenge!

Several bloggers and I do a project for each month of the year 2015 with the same material. It can be a challenge to think of something creative to do with a material you are not used to – on demand!

I usually have to be inspired to complete any projects but I think I actually chose this months challenge material….TAPE!

Here’s why:

I have been meaning to do this to one of my old belts ever since my original zebra print belt broke (maybe two years ago).

Have you ever gone on vacation and forgot your belt?  Well, one summer I did just that and had to run into a local store to grab a belt to match my black flip flops (in my mind, shoes and belts have to match). I chose a black and white zebra print belt instead of plain black, I ended up loving that belt.

 Once my favorite belt wore out I searched high and low for another one with no success.

Although I don’t have a photo of the original one – it actually looked a lot like this printed duck tape. It’s so weird that my “emergency” belt ended up being one of my favorite accessories!

I wore it out in no time.

This may seem strange but this tape project turned out great.

Simply cover an old belt on both sides in your desired pattern of duck tape.

Poke through your tape in the fastening holes you use and that’s it.

I wear black and white a lot. Kind of like my house – not a lot of color.

There it is – white shirt, jeans and black flip flops. Fancy pants!!! (not at all)  Same look as what I loved and wore out before – (except I am on my last loop here – {cut back on cheese please!)

Did I ACE that challenge or what?

Well, I am up against some pretty creative bloggers but, actually this is really no contest. It’s just a fun event to get your (and my own) creative vibes going.

Visit the following links below to see more of what tape can do for you!

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!