Project Challenge – Reclaimed Wood

As my Project Challenge friends may tell you, I have been a little in and out of my commitment to post a project for our Project Challenge event that falls on the last Friday of each month. Thank you to my fellow bloggers who understand that life comes first.
OK…let’s get started here – so our material this month is Reclaimed Wood…..uuuuhm – I do a ton of projects with this stuff so I knew I could pull together a quick craft that anyone can do in only an hour or less. 
Here it is….
If you follow my blog you may have already seen one of these wood center pieces featured before. I took photos as I made this one for you – it was super easy!
These are 1×6 pine slats that I had been using as shelves in my kitchen. They are in the “please move to my new house” pile in our garage. Who can waste this stuff?…Not I!
After sanding the pine a bit and staining the exposed wood with Ebony color of Minwax stain then wiping it off I cut two more scraps from my “save” pile for the bottom side. This picture is foggy because it is so humid out today that my camera lens kept fogging up. Gross – hu?! So I came inside to finish my tray/wood centerpiece.
Using four wood screws and my favorite drill I attached the dark wood scraps to the bottom of the two pine boards to keep them together. At each bottom corner I placed a sticker of round felt so that when used on a pretty table top it will not scratch the surface.
So far, this has maybe taken twenty minutes to do since I had everything on hand.
The fun part is to add some of your own style of hardware to each end on the top side. I had these metal looking pulls (purchased at Hobby Lobby) in some of my craft supplies box. Two screws in each end at your preferred area of the tray and WOW – that is it!
 If you are using your new reclaimed wood piece as a focal point on a table, it is fun to add twinkle lights that can plug in at one end. These are faux flowers in mason jars – fresh flowers are my preference but I don’t buy them often enough to keep them as a beautiful center piece.
Another way to use this 35 inch long tray is to increase your counter space by lying it on top of the cook top (if not in use). I have wanted to make a cooktop cover out of wood for so long but never did. This one isn’t necessarily a custom fit but the felt tabs on the bottom each touch the solid surface counter top on either side of the oven. That makes it a perfect place to store vegetables that will be cut for a night of grilling out – or pretty much anything.
Pretty AND Functional! You can’t pass up the opportunity to make something out of reclaimed wood – especially when it is this easy!
Now, you can see how my fellow bloggers have used their creative ideas on re-purposing old wood in the links below.
If you have a project where you have reused some old wood – you can link it up below too. We are LOVERS of reclaimed wood! Please share your idea from your own blog or website and your link will show up on all six of our blogs! 🙂
Thank YOU!!!! ENJOY!