Using Websters Chalk Paint Powder

Using new paint products has been on my list of things to do but I was stuck using my same paint methods that have always worked.

What intrigues me about this paint is that there is no sanding required prior to painting. Well, that cuts my labor time down significantly so I finally tried Websters Paint Powder mixed with a Behr paint and primer sample.

Here is my test piece…BEFORE.

Instructions for use:
Add 1 T of water to 2 T of Websters Powder. Mix well, then add to 1 cup of latex paint.
(The vendor at The Lazy Daisy shop suggests Behr paint samples. I agree that Behr is a great paint to work with).

Apply 1-2 coats of paint and let dry. Use sandpaper to distress if desired.

Apply a coat of clear wax (and dark wax for an antiqued look). Buff to a shine.

The wax I used is Fiddes & Sons in Jacobean and a clear wax from Home Depot. I love it more every time I use it. It is necessary to use clear with it to distribute the dark all over.

Buff to a shine means using a 600 grit paper to give the piece a polished look once the wax is all rubbed in.

What do you think?

My thoughts? I loved it! The all natural powder & water mixture blended easily but I may have had to add a tiny bit more water than suggested (my 2 tablespoons were “heaping”). That mixed with the matte Behr paint made the creamiest solution. My paint was thicker and covered so well the first coat.The second coat went on so smooth and super fast. I even painted the inside. The brush lines dissolved on their own and when I took my sander to it for distressing the paint stayed in place really well except where I applied extra pressure to get the wood to come through.

Best part about using this paint? It was EASY!

Worthwhile ReStyle

The powder is sold in The Lazy Daisy where I also have retail space. Teresa at Worthwhile Restyle is the vendor and she also carries waxes, brushes and teaches paint classes.
If you are new to painting furniture, taking a class will help you get a professional looking paint finish without having to make a million mistakes on your own by trial and error.

For questions on taking a class locally (Richmond, Virginia) or ordering supplies that can also be shipped contact Teresa at:

Finished in one afternoon…. 🙂

Although I believe that some old finishes still call for a little sanding, this was a great product that has dried smooth and hard. I love it!

Hope your weekend is going great. Thanks for reading!