Mismatch Wall Hooks for the Foyer

All our jackets and bags need a new home. Expecting the boys to hang up their coats with a hanger in a closet is a little unrealistic here at our house (I feel like I have said that in a post before).

Using only two pieces of wood and all the hooks I could find, none of them really even match.

Made a wall rack that can now hold lots of jackets.
Even heavy school backpacks can safely hang here. The wood slats are each screwed into wall studs in three different places. Wall studs are usually between 12 and 16 inches apart. Near an outlet is a good starting point to finding one.
As much as I don’t love for our guests to walk straight into a wall of coats, it’s much better than walking onto a floor of coats. (we don’t have a mudroom)
I made the ‘M’ with wood and my new brad-nailer that I got for Christmas. (I always ask for a new tool or gadget for Christmas, my husband would much rather do his holiday shopping at a hardware store than a fancy department store any day).
My nail gun is made by Rigid and so is my table saw. Both have been very reliable.
The ‘H’ was white and I painted it metallic but I put a ‘B’ and ‘L’ some place for this project but after the holiday clean up, they seem to be gone. =/
Seven hooks should help keep this foyer floor stay a bit more clear of jackets, coats, bags, leashes, umbrellas and what ever else can be hung.
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Love this!!! I have been collecting hooks and knobs for awhile now for a coat rack to put on a long wall in my entry way too! It's about 6 foot long and the wall is about 12 foot high so I thought I need to cut that wall off and make it more functional. Thanks for sharing your creative idea, I'm pinning it to use as inspiration for when I get enough hooks saved up! I guess great minds think alike…sometimes I get it right! hehehe!Hugs,Pendra

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence

Hooks are the best! I love this, need to redo my entry area, good inspiration. Thanks for linking up!


Perfect…I need a wall for hooks too! I can't stand the coat and bag \”pile up\”!!

Robin Johnson

Your new coat rack looks amazing! I love the simplicity yet stylish way it looks. A great idea for the space to make it much, much more useful!

Vintage Gal

Holly ~ love the coat rack~! I think it looks great and you are right. Boys will hang their coat on a hook ~I have one in my entry and Mr. V. hangs his coat every night. Before it was there, his coat was on the back of my kitchen chairs 😉

the poor sophisticate

Love this and I am so thrilled to be your newest follower!! I hope you have a blessed day!!!

Christine Vandormolen

I love how the hooks don't match, so much more personality this way!!! Great idea !!!! ohhhh you do torture me with your handy tools….I wish I could do stuff like that too!!


much more interesting with the mismatche hooks–love it, holly! your sponsor has the cutest signs!


Nice rack and cool tools! I'm still trying to figure out how to make an entry way at my new house. I do have a coat closet there, so I'm glad for that..but mostly…it's just bland..walking right into the living room.

Art and Sand

What a cute and organized way to get the coats off the floor.I love that you get tools for Christmas.

Angela Santaniello

Love the new coat rack and the mismatched hooks make it perfect. Plus, thank you so much for saying that it is unrealistic for your boys to hang up their coats on a hanger. I thought we were the only ones with that problem! Last summer we found a coat rack at a tag sale and it has made all the difference!Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Angela Ryder

Great job, Holly! Love it!~~Angela


It looks really good, Holly…and, yes, much better than a floor full of coats and backpacks, etc. Great job- xo Diana

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

Great idea, Holly. It looks great as well as being kid friendly. xo Laura

Becky {This Is Happiness}

Love this Holly! Really cute and functional.


Holly this is a really good use of scrap wood. I can't even tell the hooks don't match. With a busy household with boys getting them hang up their coats is probably impossible. This is a better shot.Cynthia


That's a clever way to make a heavy duty coat rack! So many times, I find them and they're not intended for heavy items. Or if they are, they're very expensive. I couldn't agree with you more about it's better to see hanging coats than a pile on the floor. We have a coat rack that hangs in the stairwell from our garage into the house. But my son's back pack always ends up on the floor in the kitchen.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Super idea and it look amazing. I like all the mis-matched hooks. Hugs, Marty