{ Eat Fresh } Kitchen Valance

Hello…I hope everybody had a great Christmas.  Now I am ready for a refresh of my home, starting in the kitchen. One thing I really want to do for my family (and myself) in this new year is to “eat fresh”.  I am not one that loves to grocery shop but eating fruits and vegetables requires a little more effort than I have been giving in that area. So I am planning to make visits to the produce department and farmers markets part of my daily routine this year.

So with that goal in mind, I made a small reminder to myself right where I will see it.
I used inexpensive muslin fabric folded in half and ironed. Folded the edges in about an inch and used some fabric fusion to keep them in place. With a sharpie marker I wrote “fresh” in my own ‘imperfect’ cursive. Then placed the word EAT slightly above with simple stencils and traced each letter. Then filled those letters in with the black sharpie marker.
I like when kitchens have the single word EAT in them but I don’t need to be reminded to just EAT – I was thinking at one point to put DON”T EAT in my kitchen.

The valance is simple and light.
With my New Years Resolution written all over it….
EAT fresh
My little boy asked me “Is this for Subway?”

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  1. It looks great! I plan on doing the same thing this year…eat better…eat more fresh foods….Your valance is a wonderful reminder.. Blessings!

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Your little boy's remark was spot on, wasn't it? Too cute. I kept thinking that I have heard of that phrase before. I love how that turned out. Your shade looks so pretty and the typography adds the perfect finishing touch.

  3. Maybe I need to make myself a reminder too, at least I might stop and think about what I plop in my mouth. Or maybe I could borrow your son, he'd just tell me to go to Subway.

  4. Love it – and your son is too funny! I also love how bright, light, and clean your kitchen looks. The fresh look goes with your fresh eating. 🙂

  5. I love your valance, Holly. Looks great and a perfect reminder. I also totally love your kitchen light. WOW!Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a note. I do miss when I don't get to catch up with my friends on blogs. I enjoyed getting to blog over Christmas and share our Christmas home. Hopefully will see everyone soon.Keep sharing your great creations in the new year. Blessings, Amy

  6. This came out really cute Holly. It's funny people make fun of me because I gravitate to healthy food. I really happen to like it. Don't get me wrong I love dark chocolate and ice cream but I eat that in moderation. Good luck!!

  7. Holly, love the valance reminder, much more effective than a sticky note on the fridge. You have always served healthy food. When we visit, your huge wire basket if full of fresh produce, and by the time we leave it is pretty empty. The guilt with the yummy Chex Mix is getting to you. When you come to our house I know that the fridge should be stocked with fresh fruits and veges. Not surprised at Ben's comment, not much gets by him. Love those little boys or should I leave out the little as they are really growing. love ya, mom

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