Old Crate End Table & Candle Accents

After our birthday party and sleep over – I need some “craft therapy”.

I put this crate next to our love seat last week when we pulled out the Christmas tree.
I needed a shallow end table for one side.

The large candles, I purchased at Homegoods in the spring, fit perfectly but were plain and white.

For a little holiday color I added some wrapping paper to the middle and taped it around back. I cut down some wood sticks with my miter saw and used little eye hooks in the tops to hang them.

Looking into the family room from the kitchen now looks a little more festive.
The old crate is the perfect size and height.
Natural, Rustic, Old and Pretty
(don’t ask me what is on TV ???)
If you want to see another way I have used this same crate – see the following post.
To see these big candles on my summer mantel GO HERE.

24 Replies to “Old Crate End Table & Candle Accents”

  1. Your crate makes the perfect side table!! And the candles make it looks so festive! It's always fun to see your latest creations, Holly.Mary Alice

  2. I've been wanting to do something like this with candle. Thanks for the idea. I think I'll use a little twine with a red button. I always love a crate. I only have one small one. I end up selling them. It's quick money. They sell fast.

  3. I love how this looks! I have one old crate, but it has sharp metal edges and is on top of my cabinet. Really wish I could find some more.Dee 🙂

  4. I just love they way you use natural things in such a practical manner. I jumped over to your 'shoe storage' post. Where did you get your adorable mirror trio? They would be perfect for a small spot in my bedroom!Thanks!

  5. the candles look great…and are huge! i can never find big candles–gotta go to home goods. great crate, too, holly!

  6. Holly, love the rustic look. With company around during the holidays it's always nice to have an extra place for guests to put their drinks. I love what you have done to the year around candles too. love ya, mom

  7. oh so pretty pretty pretty…the tagline at my shop is {a rustic modern boutique}…this display totally fits the bill. I cannot get enough crates!! love how you've put them to very good use.♥ NORTHERN COTTAGEhttp://www.NorthernCottage.net

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