Hallway Floor – $150

Last week I shared our Painted Stairs. Well, one thing leads to another. One reader asked what the top of the stairs looked like…I am now ready to show you.

This is a photo of the carpet that lay upstairs and no longer on the staircase. When we agreed to move to this house, the stairs were covered in – sort of a ‘runner’. I figured the carpet was neutral enough. Once we moved in, I found it very hard to make the carpet look clean and fresh even though they had been professionally cleaned prior to our move. The weave on the hallway carpet was coming undone in a couple of places so I knew I wanted something else there. I also knew that the landlord was not ready to replace this flooring quite yet.
So knowing my return on investment could be $0 – I didn’t want to spend a lot and I didn’t want to sweat too much either. So while partying at Funky Junk Interiors last Friday night – I found THIS POST. You can read all about how this vinyl flooring is applied there. (the box made it to the recycle bin before I snapped a photo) The color is Antique Woodland Oak from Lowe’s – they are kind of like big stickers 🙂 .
This ‘before’ was actually after I removed the carpet. (You know how when you get the energy to do something – you can’t pause to find the camera?) I washed down the walls that are painted a nice Carrington Beige by Ben Moore. I freshened up the white trim, too – makes a huge difference.
 The tone of the vinyl wood is beautiful! The carpeting in the bedrooms is in fair condition. By removing the most worn parts of the old flooring – it makes even the bedroom carpets look nice.
Because it is so thin – it lays level with the painted stairs.  When somebody wants to put new carpet in – the carpet can lay right over the vinyl.
The hallway feels brand new!
Right Mazi? I had to purchase trim for transitioning from wood to carpet – that was what made my makeover more than I expected. I chose neutral color metal ones and had them cut down to size. The color blends well with the carpet color. If you look closely behind the ‘fluff ball’ you can see under the door – that is the color of metal trim. Metal is a lot thinner and less expensive than wood trim.
One cutting trick that I will share with you to make this project easier is to use fresh razor blades – lots of them. Score the top and snap apart to get a clean cut. Works like a charm.
If you want to do this project in your own space – check out We Call It Junkin’ for the installation tutorial.
Isn’t it pretty!