Mountain Vacation 2013

Our summer vacation has been amazing this year. We took our boys out west to the Tetons, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.
 At Teton Village we took the tram to the top of the world! It was cold even in July.
 We had fun exploring the mountains and shops. The Mangy Moose is a fun bar and dining spot with outdoor seating on the mountain side and live music at night. I was so glad to see it was still there – an old hang out for Marc and I when we were a little bit younger.
We hiked around Jenny Lake and saw some wild life – no bears, though.
This little deer wasn’t even afraid of us. She was only about 6 feet away. I guess we weren’t the first tourists she’s seen around here. When I was a little girl we would see black bear that close up here. If I could only bottle up that fresh smell in nature and bring it home – so clean and refreshing.

We watched Old Faithful along with a million other tourists.

Waterfalls, white water rafting and The Yellowstone Lake Lodge – So many fun memories!
Now, back to reality… at home in VA.
Living the Good Life!

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What a cute family (:

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

This is awesome! Love your photos…looks like a wonderful family vacation. I'd love to get out to these parks!

Christine Vandormolen

A month flies by sooo fast….glad you had a great time!


Oh Holly this looks like such a wonderful vacation. You have a beautiful family. Welcome back to reality… You were missed around these parts 🙂

Denise Duffy

Oh my goodness! I wish I had been paying attention and had known you were going to Jackson Hole! Aren't the Tetons the most amazing thing EVER!! I actually graduated from High School in Jackson Hole. About a billion years ago! Did you happen to find String Lake in Teton Natl. Park? It's a little off the beaten path but it's absolutely the most BEAUTIFUL place in the world. Oohhh….I am so jealous! Wish I had hopped in one of your suitcases.:)

Shabby chic Sandy

Wow–looks like a wonderful family vacation! Beautiful photos :)!


such a place of beauty! your photography is fabulous, holly:) this area is on my husband's got to go list.


Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along.


What a gorgeous place. Looks like you and your beautiful family had a wonderful vacation. xo Laura

Leslie Harris

these are such great photos. We never made it to Yellowstone, it looks like such a wonderful vacation for boys. And you guys are such an adorable looking family. 🙂


That looks like a great place to visit! I've never been there. The views are really beautiful. I bet your boys loved all of that nature.

chateau chic

Wow!! GORGEOUS country out west!!Mary Alice

debi rosin

Hi Holly ~ glad you enjoyed your visit to my *back yard* we only live a few hours away from the places you visited. . . we try to get there every year, (after the tourists are gone) Montana and Wyoming have all the natural beauty. Before I lived here I lived 45 mins from Glacier Nat'l Park. . . a must see if you haven't already. . . welcome home. . .

Patty Sumner

That is a trip I want to take some day soon. It was good to see you and your family…You are blessed! Have a safe trip home. Blessings!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

We had pics taken at the same spot at the Teton Village….The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are truly breathtaking….we also hiked Jenny Lake and also rented a boat and cruised the lake…a vacation we would never forget….We also took a guided slow rafting tour on the Snake River…it was awesome….I would not hesitate to go back there again…Stayed in Jackson Hole and took day trips from there…a trip I would recommend to anyone!!…I love your pics!!

Angela Ryder

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! What an absolutely gorgeous area!!!~~Angela