Ryan & Ashley’s Foyer

Ryan is my brother.

This is Ashley & Ryan (at their wedding), Buddha and Pickle.
I am sharing some pictures of their foyer and staircase.
 This is a naturally distressed old chair conveniently placed in the foyer for removing and putting on shoes. A perfect accent, too.
The shoes are stored right where you need them. The “we live here” look put me at ease as soon as I walked in.
Ryan’s bike is stored right by the front door. They live close enough to the city that he can bike to work.
The staircase wall is covered from floor to ceiling with picture frames. Some empty, layered, snap shots, portraits and art. Most of the frames are from a goodwill store.
Ryan does the decorating in this space. He has great taste and a lot of talent.
Here is a peek at the family room…
(that “thing” on the rug is a cow – dog toy with only one leg and a duct taped tummy – must be a favorite for Buddha or Pickle)
I will share Ryan’s kitchen and wine cellar when I return from our vacation to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. We haven’t been there since we moved to the East Coast 13 years ago. Can’t wait to show our boys all the natural wonders there.
Enjoy Summer!