Checker Board Side Table

The game room art turned into a side table.

Using an 8 ft long 4×4, liquid nails, nails, chalkboard paint, stain and wax.
The bottom is a stain grade pine round purchased at Home Depot.
The base is 2) 4×4’s glued and nailed together and on each side 4×4 halves are glued and nailed to the seams to make the base nice and chunky. The pine round is glued, screwed and nailed to the base. The game board is glued and nailed to the top. 
It turned out super sturdy.
Pretty – too!
The boys in my house will enjoy it as a checkerboard table when they discover it.
Today it sits in my office.

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20 Replies to “Checker Board Side Table”

  1. I challenge you to a game of checkers!!!Great job; I think that you must be mom of the year; everything you do has an element of fun that makes your home so warm and interesting. Your family is blessed to have you feathering their nest! xoxo jules

  2. I have a couple of checkerboards and I've often thought of making one of them into a table (or both!) …but I've not been that bold. You make this look so easy. I love the pedestal table. Truly unique…and definitely vintage! Pat

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  4. Hey Holly! Still back tracking checking into what you've been up to…I see you've been busy! Love this cute lil game table, you are just sooooo creative! Big push on my Sis' kitchen this weekend and then it's just down to installing the sink and waiting for \”someone else\” to install the built in appliances. Hope to get back to my own place soon!Hugs,Pendra

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