Game Room Art

A couple of years ago I picked up a table on clearance for $30 at Homegoods.
The base was metal and all bent up. This is all that I have left of it now.

I thought this top would be great for a game room wall.

The wood border was too orange so I painted that part black and roughed up the checkered area so it would look really old and worn.

Scuffed up the edges and clear waxed the whole thing.
Now I just need a game room.

 Or -I could remake a table base.

It sits under Ben’s loft bed for now but I like the pattern for an end table.

See the table it turned into HERE.

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Christine Vandormolen

looks so much better after you gave it a make-over…I would love to have something like that for our Bonus room….

Susan M.

I did something very similar to this with a pair of tv trays – painted a checkerboard on one and tic-tac-toe on the other. Finished up with an outside sealer and my daughter has them on her covered porch. She still gets comments and many a game has been played over the years!

chateau chic

I love how you changed up the game top table. It looks so much better! I'll be checking back to see what fantastic idea you come up with for its use.Mary Alice

Julia Terpstra

Ooooh! I can't wait to see what you end up doing! I bet that would be the start to a fantastic collection to hang on the wall… xoxo jules

Barbara Jean

sooo much better how you did it.great job. love itblessingsbarb


That could be made into any number of things and I'm sure your creative mind is already working on that!Bliss