Hanging Ferns and Wreaths

 I want to share some updates to my front porch with you.
Aren’t my new ferns gorgeous? My friend gave them to me for helping her decorate her family room. Her family owns Cross Creek Nursery in Richmond, Virginia.
A beautiful place to visit.
I bought this spray bottle to keep the leaves nice and moist. My plants seem to do really well when I give them a spritz of water on their leaves –
along with watering the soil.
My preserved boxwood wreaths & topiaries will appreciate the water spray, also.
I hung these little boxwood wreaths from the front windows.
I didn’t want to put a nail in the vinyl siding so I used bulldog hooks clipped to the top of the window trim. Using twine – I tied the wreaths to the hooks….
then tied a lose bow at the top. I like the look and it works perfectly.
Even though the wreaths are not visible from the road – they make this sweet spot feel so cozy along with the full ferns. Our porch is anything but private so the ferns make it seem like we are in our own little oasis.
 Spring weather is really beautiful and this porch full of greens is a favorite place to enjoy it.
(I show you this area a lot – but I love it)
Have a Wonderful Spring Weekend!
(Read this if you are a blogger – if not, you probably won’t care.)
On a completely different subject. Tell me your thoughts on “re-posting”.
Do you do it? Why?
I always thought it was sort of a “butting in line” kind of thing but some of the nicest bloggers do it. I read blogs from the blog roll in my sidebar all the time and lately I see several of the same posts popping up more than once in a day, or even the week, pushing the newer posts down the roll.
I try to be a super friendly and courteous blogger, so this is mentioned just out of curiosity. What do you think?