Hanging Ferns and Wreaths

 I want to share some updates to my front porch with you.
Aren’t my new ferns gorgeous? My friend gave them to me for helping her decorate her family room. Her family owns Cross Creek Nursery in Richmond, Virginia.
A beautiful place to visit.
I bought this spray bottle to keep the leaves nice and moist. My plants seem to do really well when I give them a spritz of water on their leaves –
along with watering the soil.
My preserved boxwood wreaths & topiaries will appreciate the water spray, also.
I hung these little boxwood wreaths from the front windows.
I didn’t want to put a nail in the vinyl siding so I used bulldog hooks clipped to the top of the window trim. Using twine – I tied the wreaths to the hooks….
then tied a lose bow at the top. I like the look and it works perfectly.
Even though the wreaths are not visible from the road – they make this sweet spot feel so cozy along with the full ferns. Our porch is anything but private so the ferns make it seem like we are in our own little oasis.
 Spring weather is really beautiful and this porch full of greens is a favorite place to enjoy it.
(I show you this area a lot – but I love it)
Have a Wonderful Spring Weekend!
(Read this if you are a blogger – if not, you probably won’t care.)
On a completely different subject. Tell me your thoughts on “re-posting”.
Do you do it? Why?
I always thought it was sort of a “butting in line” kind of thing but some of the nicest bloggers do it. I read blogs from the blog roll in my sidebar all the time and lately I see several of the same posts popping up more than once in a day, or even the week, pushing the newer posts down the roll.
I try to be a super friendly and courteous blogger, so this is mentioned just out of curiosity. What do you think?


73 Replies to “Hanging Ferns and Wreaths”

  1. Your porch is so lovely, the plants and your entire home is just gorgeous! About the reposting, I've done it a few times but it would be a post back from a year or more. You know some folks will go back into a post and just change the date or time to bring it back up to the top so blogs will see it again. I have done that…posted my post at night and then updated the time so it would be up again the next day, especially if I was linking to some parties. Maybe that's what some of the blogs are doing.Anyway, love your pretty home.Be a sweetie,Shelia 😉

  2. Pretty porch Holly. I just moved my BIG fern form the sun room to the dining room. Glad to read the spritzing tip. I am NOT a gardener… I have barely any luck with plants. This ( the fern) is one of my oldest plants. I will be spritzing now when I water the soil. re blogging… If I post something at night, I would repost on my FB during the day sometimes. Not sure if that is what you are referring toHere's to a wonderful Friday, and a Fab weekend. Hugs, Gee

  3. Your porch is so pretty! Love the lush full ferns! What a lovely place to hang out with a glass of lemonade!I didn't know what re-posting was until you explained it. But I have been wondering why certain blogs in my blog roll were popping back up to the top. Hmmm, I'm going to have to think about how I feel about that. I'm finding out a lot of people take blogging waaaaay more seriously than I do. For me it is more hobbey than a job so stuff like re-posting doesn't even occur to me!

  4. I love your porch….and no, I will be totally honest. I do NOT like the reposting. I believe the reason for it is to get more hits on their blog, which if they get paid, means more money. That is fine if that is what blogging for them is about, but not for me. I use my blogroll also, but I try to remember if I already read that post. Blogging for me is more of a hobby…albeit a lot of time hobby….

  5. I don't care for the reposts. Having gotten that out of the way…your porch is lovely! I have no luck with those kinds of ferns but I discovered Asparagus Ferns last year and they are super easy to take care of and provide the much needed greenery here in our dry (and getting drier) part of the country. I had about a dozen and will probably end up having twice that many this year. ;D I really love your \”down to earth style.\”

  6. Hi Gee…you must have a green thumb if your fern is the longest living. I find them hard to keep healthy so I am nervous about these new ferns of mine.I post on FB sometimes, too but I am referring to date or time changing on an original post. I don't do that but I have posted a an old post from the year prior once.Just wondering.

  7. Ceekay…I have adds on my blog and the little bit of money I get for them pays for supplies for the next project. I blog for fun, too. I appreciate your thoughts. Good to see you here! Thank you!!! xo

  8. Hi Nancy…First of all….I am so jealous of your \”dry\” part of the country. I bet you have good hair – I know that is so goofy to say but the humidity here in the south forces me to wear hats and hair bands. Ugh! (I'm from Utah)Good to know there is an \”easy\” fern to grow. I will watch for the Asparagus Fern for the inside of my house. I love ferns. :)Have a super fun weekend! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet message.

  9. Hi Holly, I was just at that nursery last week! I used to live very close to it and remember when it first opened. It's really grown. Love your ferns. I just put mine out a few days ago too. Have a super sweet weekend.

  10. Holly, Super neat idea on how you hung your boxwood wreaths. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment about my question. So many people only read the posts that are in the last 10 or so…that's why so many people (like myself) refresh their posts.Blessings,Linda

  11. Your home is beautiful inside and out! And your porch…heavenly! I love ferns, I never thought to mist them and some I've had for years. I plan to make some boxwood wreaths this summer as soon as we trim ours. Did you make yours yourself? Any tips on the upkeep other than misting?Not sure how I feel about re-posting. I've seen some bloggers re-post something popular they wrote when they are busy or on vacation or something. If I've read it already, I just skip over it.XO,Jane

  12. Holly, Your ferns are gorgeous, making your porch look ready to enjoy! It looks like your front beds are further along than ours, even though we're just a little north of you. It took me a little while to figure out what some bloggers were doing when their same posts would appear at the top of my list. Personally, I find it a little annoying, but I guess some are a lot more intense about blogging than I am.Mary Alice

  13. No wonder you like your porch! I have always wanted a porch like that. Love the rockers and the ferns were lovely gifts. Love the rustic bench too. I keep wondering how they would do on the front post of our much smaller porch. I may just have to try it and thanks for the spritzing tip.

  14. Your porch looks so pretty. I love how it is so inviting. You're right the ferns do shield the view and provide a bit of intimacy. I'm wondering about the 'preserved' in preserved boxwood. Is this real boxwood that has been dried like the Hydrangeas I see everywhere? Are the box-woods 'evergreen'? I've clicked on some links and see other things that you've done with them they add a nice touch to the porch. As to 'bumping' or re-posting. I'm not sure about it. I make a lot of edits when I post and have to update my posts…Does that bump my post? Because I personally don't want to do that. I do sometimes leave a post up for a while before posting again…and those post obviously get more views. But really, I just blog about my life and am not concerned with it, you know? Oh, I have posted some REALLY OLD posts from my blog when it was under the other URL and blog name. Before I had so many followers. But that is usually it. I don't think I'd like to change the date on my post just to leave it up in the blog roll. To me that sort of seems a little advantageous or opportunistic to me. So, I'm going to say…NO. I don't care for that type of 're-posting' or \”bumping\” …but that's just me. 🙂 Pat

  15. So..I love your name my-dogs-my-garden-and-mary….so cute! I am new to Virginia and love it! Warm! You are probably loving the west coast – dream! Maybe the humidity is a little less – I miss dry air.

  16. Pat…Thanks for your input. I have just recently seen more 'bumping' and I wasn't sure what would happen of we all did that. I blog for a hobby – it is quite fun. I like to read other blogs from my sidebar but not read the same posts twice.The 'preserved' part of my boxwood projects I did not do. I bought them that way in a topiary form. I want to learn how to preserve them myself but I have never had real boxwood bushes big enough to trim back. I would google search how to treat them if I eventually have some to trim in the future. The leaves are soft still. I need to find out more on preserving.Thanks for taking time to leave your thoughts. 🙂

  17. Your porch is absolutely so charming and most inviting, Holly! The ferns and boxwood wreaths look wonderful. Love those rocking chairs!I guess I hadn't really thought about reposting. Blogging is a total hobby for me, no sponsors, no earnings, etc. I kind of think some bloggers get a bit too intense about blogging and making money, and that can't be any fun. But, if that's what \”floats their boat,\” then so be it. I haven't ever reposted, but I'm not saying I never will — but it would be something from the past that I think might be interesting, and certainly not done to bump someone!Have a great weekend!Carol

  18. Hey girl! I adore those mini box wreaths!!! I think it is fine to repost an older post. \”They\” say that your audience changes every three months, so most people today haven't read your older posts. I actually have never done it, but if I get in a pinch or get sick, I might… and I have some older posts that I might re-do…since I have a better camera now!

  19. Your front porch looks so inviting. I love the view with the whole house, it looks so nice and green. What a great place to have coffee in the morning.On the reposting, I do see other bloggers doing it. I don't because I hardly blog! 🙂 If it feels right to you then I think it is fine to do.Have a great weekend!~Shanon

  20. Hey girl. Love the porch. I have never seen the bullfrog clip idea. You are waaay too smart.Don't understand bumping completely, but I don't think it's something I would do. The only reason I might do it would be on accident.

  21. You have hit on my favorite porch hangings- those big old ferns. Last year our HD had them for about $8 each! The sad thing is we can't hang them outside until the first of June for fear of frost- crazy, huh? Your porch is just beautiful.I find reposts give me pause because I open them up and then have to scan a few seconds before I realize that I read it earlier. I guess people do it to get more comments or more coverage, I don't know. The only way I would do it myself-is if I have a prayer request for someone that goes up at an odd time of day I might post it really early the next morning…that is if I could figure out how to do it….lolHope you have a wonderful weekend-

  22. First of all–love your house and your front porch is gorgeous! Those ferns are so pretty–I have been wanting one for in the house but not sure if I could keep it alive. I have some ferns in the garden from the previous owners an they seem to do great, thankfully :)I do not like re-posting!

  23. I understand featuring a post from a season from a year prior or refreshing a link-party, prayers or something of that nature. I realize our audiences change over a few months time so we like to show popular older posts. I usually will just do link backs for those. It's refreshing the same post in the same day or week that I wonder about. It \”bumps\” the newest posts from other bloggers down the line. I am not sure if I think that is a nice thing to do or not. What if we all did that? You are a party host so I can see why you would refresh. Thank you for the extra work you do to help grow other blogs by exposing them to your readers. Happy weekend!

  24. I would google search how to preserve the clippings of your boxwood. I had a real cut boxwood wreath from a nursery but it only lasted one season – dried out.Thanks for commenting!

  25. My friend told me the ferns need lots of shade. Mine will get morning sun but shade the rest of the day. We'll see how this goes – hopefully I don't kill them.

  26. Holly I really enjoyed this post. I always love to see what you're up to around your lovely home (I'm jealous of that porch haha) but I read through the comments about the re-posting too. I've never thought about that before and I didn't realize it was happening so much. The longer I blog the more I learn how driven some bloggers are, nothing wrong with that. But it helps me realize I'm more interested in the connections. Life feels too busy to make blogging another thing to measure ourselves by…at least that's my humble old opinion. Thanks for bringing up the subject I find it all so interesting.Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  27. Ferns are my favorite for a porch. Yours are beautiful. I always give them a spritz, too as they seem to love it. I have never even thought of reposting. I am always one step behind, though :)Laura

  28. Holly your porch is so inviting, looks like a great place to sit with a lemonade and a good book! I love ferns, always have but have never had very good luck with them in pots, our last house we had tons of them inground and we loved them so much! I'm gonna watch how you do it and maybe give it another try, they look so great on your beautiful porch! And you know how I feel about your boxwoods…it was LOVE at first sight! As for reposting, I didn't even put two and two together that people would do that on purpose. I blog more to make connections with great people (like you)and for inspiration. I guess I do it for me, for fun, to fill my time, to open windows in my small world, for a new perspective and great ideas. I guess some take it more serious, it's a business for them, I don't know, but I wouldn't want all the pressure. But hey that's me! We got about 6\” of snow and more on the way…we will probably have spring 1 day in May and then it will be 95 degrees and summer the next!Hugs from snowy MN.Pendra

  29. Hi Leslie, my friend! Yes, the longer I blog the more I see the motives of other bloggers. I do love the connections we make here and I am continually impressed and inspired by my fellow blog friends. I like a little \”reaction\” to posts I do here and there but I am not a \”numbers\” watcher. Once in a while I will check to see what was pinned but lately I am oblivious to \”stats\”. Don't be jealous of my porch – it isn't really \”mine\”…just renting. As we search for another home – the more I think I would enjoy a front porch. I would like a 1 1/2 story home or a ranch – most of the homes we see with wrap around porches are two story. We'll see…Thanks for stopping by!xo

  30. Ohhh the porch! Love love it! and the tip about the bulldog clips? I have to remember that one. I have 2 huge ferns still stuck in my living room (although their pretty, I want to put them on my porch but mother nature isn't listening to that dumb groundhog, lol)The re-posts? it kind of bugs me actually… unless it's an old post. I try to be a good blogger, leaving comments, and I always try to answer each one (but I don't have 3K followers)and I always try and follow on FB too, so it seems like I see the same post 2 or 3, sometimes even 4 times…so yeah. It irks me….I think it's sorta like cutting in line or a bad commercial that plays twice in a row.

  31. Oh Pendra….You are in Minnesota…geez Louis – wish I could send you some warm sunshine. It was 91 degrees the other day. My kids and I are wearing shorts. I am a \”northern girl\” so this is strange for me but I LOVE it! Camped last weekend, even. whoa!Did you notice that one boxwood wreath is gone from by porch??? Coming soon to yours! xo

  32. Christine… You are A CUT UP! OMG! Dumb groundhog is funny! I hope I can keep my ferns pretty – or at least living for a while. The re-posting just came to my attention recently and I feel like my 'blog' time is valuable (b/c I am ignoring my family and house chores)- so when I 'click' and read posts twice – well, I feel like I could have been reading something I haven't already read before. I like to visit all my blog friends but I honestly can't spend that much time on the computer so if I click twice on your post – well – you get three cents but I could have seen something new by somebody else. Just a thought. Well, an opinion. One blogger posted about this along time ago (when I didn't know much about anything blog related) and said she would stop following \”re-posters\”. O-kaaaaaaay!Christine – thanks for visiting and I am going to have to visit you – your personality is way fun!Happy weekend! xo

  33. Ahhh, so restful and peaceful, Holly. I love it! I love the greens and whites near each other. It is such a fresh contrast. I have never grown big Boston ferns before, only small ones. It seems they get dry and brown at the ends (not an attractive quality). BUT, may it was because I was not misting them. I have a small one I have inside, by my kitchen window. Boston ferns do always make me think of great big porches, and I so love yours.Well, re-posting. I really didn't think about it or know what it was. I am a teacher, so I think I should frown on that. I read the poster above about editing and re-posting. I hope it doesn't re-post! I would have to give myself a time-out. Which then, I can't talk to you right now. Well, this is just awkward. I'll do time-out in a sec. But, I am like that same poster in that the teacher side of me catches grammar mistakes, and I must fix them. I try to tell google not to share with family and friends when I do fix something, but I don't know if that helps me not to \”butt in line\”. Oh woah! I am so sorry if I ever have. On the bright side, I have never changed a date because I don't even know how to do it! Ignorance can be bliss. When ignorance of something is removed, it can cause you to be more thoughtful with your actions. Thank you for bringing up this topic. I will definitely try to be more thoughtful about it! Let me grab my coffee, and I will join you on the porch, if that is all right?Love your blog! Blessings,Heather

  34. Your front porch looks so pretty! I love the ferns and the little wreaths on the windows. Ferns like humidity so that spritz of water will help them if humidity is low in your area. Here in GA, during the summer, humidity is very high. I usually place ferns on each side of my front door. Love them! I don't usually \”re-post\” because I just don't think about it. If I do it is because I found a typo or something that I fixed, so it ended up updating like a new post. I see the reposting thing all the time too. As a blogger that uses the blog list on my side bar to see the latest posts, I have to admit that it's a little irritating to see those reposts. I have to determine if I've already seen that one or not. I think the ones that repost are on Blogher and want more traffic because they make money for people clicking on their blog.

  35. Hi Beauty!!! I think the best thing about this post (next to the huge, gorgeous and LUSH ferns!) are the little boxwood wreaths that aren't visible from the road. I love the fact that when someone is lucky enough to get close they are rewarded by a sweet little treat. I need to start thinking of my wrinkles as a sweet treat for someone lucky to get close enough, lol. You are so lucky to have such a great porch!As far as the reposting goes, I wouldn't even know how to do that; however I do know that people who butt in front of me in line, in person, in the car or here in blogland need to be aware of one word: KARMA. HA! xoxo jules

  36. Love your ferns they are so pretty and full. What a great gift. The small boxwood wreathes are darling.Cynthia

  37. First, I love your porch. I have always wanted a wonderful porch to sit and relax at the end of the day.Regarding reposting. I need some clarification. Around noon I posted today's post. About 4:00 I saw the party at Creative Cain Cabin and joined in so I had to update. Is that what you mean by reposting? If so, I do it, but didn't realize it was showing me as posting again. I have been blogging a year, but I am still learning.

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  39. What gorgeous ferns! They look beautiful on your lovely and welcoming front porch! Love your rockers, too, and could spend many a leisurely afternoon out there!

  40. HiLove your porch! It looks so inviting with all the greenery. Wish I could get my hands on some boxwood and make all the pretty wreaths and topiaries you have made. Great job!

  41. your porch looks so inviting and pretty, holly:) i would to spend time here! the wreaths and ferns look darling!

  42. I love your comments….I need to think of my wrinkles as a lucky treat, too! KARMA is out there – I am with you – watch her. I ran over a black snake yesterday and hoped it would bring bad karma around me.xoxo jules

  43. I update my posts all the time if I change a misspelled word – etc. Re-posting is going in to edit your post and changing the post date and time so it looks like a new post. Bloggers, I think, do this to get more visibility and more traffic. Maybe you don't notice it.

  44. Holly,I love your porch…wish mine was put together so I could start decorating it. We have a few more weeks of construction and then the fun begins. Thanks for all your fun projects… so much inspiration!!!Hugs,ValerieCottage Making Mommywww.lovingmyheartandhome.blogspot.com

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