Boys Room Before

This week I get to makeover a cute little boys room into a girl room.
 I helped decorate this bedroom a couple of years ago.
This little boy gets to move in with his big brother to make room for the “surprise” baby sister that is due to arrive in just a few weeks.

This is a mural that I painted on the wall that has now been covered in PINK…
(I haven’t seen it yet, I hope I don’t cry)
I’m actually really sad to see this decor go because the colors are just so cute and it fits sweet Aaron’s personality so well.

 (this is the lucky little guy..he’s actually in his new room in this picture)
You’ll get the after photos at the end of the week when it’s all complete.
For now, I’m headed to the lumber store for some “feminine” molding and trim.
I hope I can do a spectacular “girly” room for the sweet little one.
Wish me luck…

To see the Girl Room:
Click Here

To see the dresser redo:
Click Here

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Just precious Holly!


I just know the little girl room will be beautiful. Awww, the old decor was so sweet with the tractor.


Awww congrats on the little girl! I would hate to paint over such a cute mural!

Holly @ Bella Nest

I love little Aaron's a little dirt never hurt mural! You did great on that! Can't wait for the after photos!!!

Jennifer {jenn diguglielmo photography}

Looks great – my son would love that digger on his wall! The framed \”A\” is very cool. new follower! Come see me some time!

Wendy @HerBallistic Garden

I'm looking forward to seeing both rooms revealed! I liked his \”old\” room too! xo

Leslie's Garden

I know you hate to see your hard and adorable work covered over. I can't wait to see the feminine room though!

shannon i olson

what a cute room!! Sad to see it go but yes, it will be fun to redo!!


It's always so hard to cover a mural you still love, but 'surprise' baby girls are a wonderful blessing and brothers who share a room often become the best of friends, so it sound like it's all positive! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun re-making the room and your client will be delighted!


What a cute boys room! I don't blame you for hating to see that decor go. I bet that is fun decorating for a little girl when you have only boys at home. That would be a treat for me too! I can't wait to see how everyone's rooms turn out.


I have no doubt that little girl is gonna get an amazing room. I can't wait to see it. Give her an old door with hints of pink to hang all her girly stuff. ~Bliss~


Can't wait to see the girls room, but he the boys room sure is adorable.