Pretty Parsley & Basil

(I should say ‘Not So’ Pretty Parsley and Basil.)

A week or so ago I planted some herbs in recycled peanut butter jars.

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Although I did put gravel in the bottoms of the jars for drainage, it wasn’t enough.
I needed to relocate the little herbs so they could live – poor things.
Here is what I found at IKEA for $9.99
These cute pots came in a set of two along with the drain tray.
My parsley and basil will be much happier here.

The twiggy vine wreaths are my custom touch.
I used craft wire to hold them together so they won’t topple off.
The peanut butter jars got a little makeover too…
I wrapped burlap around the jars and glued it in place with hot glue.
I didn’t want to see the stem of the new greenery.

On my visit to IKEA I purchased some artificial greens.
I’m a “live” plant kind of person but I have terrible luck with some of the locations in my home where I want greenery.  Also – I’ve yet to keep a real topiary alive.
So I do buy fake topiaries.

To fit these in the jars I had to pop them out of the little black container they came in.
Then I placed them in their new home.

Hopefully this works well for the parsley and basil because I am liking this set up a whole lot better…