If you love family photos…..

This is my Friend – Amy!  She is the best photographer ever to view her website…..
I love to decorate with family photos for clients and in my own home.  Seeing happy faces of the ones I love around me makes me very happy.  Getting good pictures in good quality is so key. If you can find a photographer in your area that does a great job (usually you can preview a website to see the photographers style) then SPEND THE MONEY!!!!
  We can never get yesterday back and having beautiful photographs of all of us together today is priceless……
Here are a few pictures of my family that I treasure and they are by my friend Amy —
( it’s picture overload but that is what this post is all about…
We had fun with Amy even though it was a humid & stressful type day.  She made us giggle and brought out the personalities of my boys.  My boy, Luke, was having BIG issues with his green Crocs but you would never know it.  That means we had a truly talented photographer!

get your family pictures taken before your kids are all grown up!

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Wonderful pictures of your family, great photographer. Oh and I love your hair. New follower.