Seeing Our Nations Capital

Have you all been to Washington DC?

We have lived in Virginia for 3 years now and just barely got around to taking our boys up to tour the nations capitol. We are trying to cram in site seeing on the east coast while we are still out this way.
The Capital building was getting a little spruce up but it was still pretty.
These are my twin boys…don’t they look exactly alike? (hah) We rented bikes for our tour around the city and I tell ya…that was the best way to see everything. It was hot and crowded but with so much to see in a few days we didn’t want to spend all our energy walking.
I won’t bore you with lots of details from our vacation but I have to say that this is one city that is so beautiful, classy and clean.
I felt very proud of our country as I ventured through all the museums and monuments. I don’t think I realized that we had embassies from so many countries right here on American soil. I was completely in awhhh.
The zoo was actually super cool too – see this panda bear? She’s only two years old. She was fun to watch as she played with her ball and ate bamboo.
The architecture and art that fill the streets of DC are so timeless, fun and easy to view. It was super crowded with tour buses rolling in at times but we were still able to move about without getting too claustrophobic. The sidewalks are nice and wide and there are bike lanes on most streets. Not too hard to navigate around but luckily my hubby works there sometimes and so he knew where to go.
I was pleasantly surprised how much public open space there was for people to sit around and relax. It wasn’t the hustle and bustle that we felt in say – New York (although I enjoy New York too).
Our kids are twelve years old and they enjoyed the tour even more than I expected them to (no complaining). It was awesome to be able to talk about what happens in all these important buildings like the Supreme Court, the FBI – so many to name.
Check out those massive front doors that lead into the FBI building.
The boys recognized several places from movies they have seen. Twelve years old is a perfect age for this kind of vacation. Our family conversations were interesting and we could relate what they learn in school and in the news to these actual places. The boys both asked so many questions – luckily I married a smarty pants, their dad, so he could answer them well.
The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool….it was even bigger than it looks on TV.
The Air and Space Museum was super fascinating (and crowded).
 Oh, I know I said I wasn’t going to bore you with too many details…
I am not a museum type person usually but these places were fascinating and kept even my attention.
Look how little those people look against these buildings! Crazy huge!
Of course we had to mix the tour up with good food and drinks and I love to look at different restaurants, their names and design. I liked this hang out called The Matchbox – can you see the fire bowl on top of the shorter building?
I even find inspiration for my home when I am out soaking in all the beauty in cities. This is an outdoor dining area that I thought looked fun. Cozy set up for a deck at home (only less)?
I was admiring this pretty window and the painted brick on the building. I love old painted brick.
Am I losin’ ya? OK!
….And finally a selfie to say yes, we were here.
Washington DC is an amazing city that is worth seeing if given the chance. I felt a very positive and respectful vibe there. Although, I really wanted to see President Obama in person, but was not that lucky, I am still very impressed!
Now – where are the movers?
Have a fun week!
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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Oh how fun! Visiting D.C. is on my bucket list for sure! I'm so excited to follow your exciting moving journey and see what magic you work on your new house!

Holly @ Down to Earth Style

Heather…I know, ops! I wrote that late at night and wrong. Panda! Yes, it's a Panda!

heather s

Hi Holly. I hate to have to correct you, but that's not a polar bear! It's a panda from China, which is why it eats bamboo! Have to agree with you though, they are marvelous creatures and such fun! Cheers from Australia x


I have never been there before. So, it was fun to see your pictures. That sounded like a great getaway that was also educational for your boys. I think their teachers would approve of that trip very much! Good luck with your upcoming move.


Hi Holly! I went with my family to D.C. when I was 13. It was some time ago, but I was fascinated by all the beautiful memorials, we toured the White House, and Capital building just to name a few. It was an amazing trip, though not as crowded as I have heard people say that have been there lately. I'm glad you took the time to go with your boys, they'll never forget it. It's been 47 years, and I haven't forgotten a thing.


How cool Holly. I have never been to DC and it is on my list of things to do. I love all the history out there.Looks like you had a great time.Kris

Gee Singh Newbanks

Some years ago, I lived in Alexandria, and spent a LOT of time in DC. Just walking around… soaking up culture :)Shopping, eating.. You know… enjoying our Country's Capital. Been awhile since we have been back. Took the boys various times , time to plan a return!Thanks for the luvly photos Holly.