Design with Vintage Wooden Car Ramps

A couple of weeks ago Richmond, Virginia had a Vintage Home Market. It was amazing to see all the unique items each vendor brought in. 

I don’t think I knew or ever thought about vintage car ramps before. Can you imagine having to make something out of wood that would be strong enough to hold up your car?

Yes, somebody did make wooden car ramps. A long time ago too. So I bought the set. (Excuse the mess behind, please)
At first I was thinking they would make a cool fireplace mantel. Then I thought of flanking the bed and adding a cross beam as a shelf – using the ramps sort of like corbels.
Then, I decided to use them in a simple way. They are pretty heavy so hanging them would take some thought and time so while I am un-decorating my house at the moment that didn’t make sense. 
The height of the wooden ramp is perfect for layering accents in a corner of a room or, in this case, the porch. 
The weight of it can hold a pretty heavy planter if I wanted it to but I just screwed in a metal garden hook and hung up the old lantern that was in our yard a few houses ago.
This porch is really fun to decorate. I don’t sit out here often enough. I had to scrub the white rockers with soap and water to get the thick pollen off of them. =/  Hopefully we don’t get any bursts of that stuff showered all over again.
How would you use these Old Wooden Car Ramps?
Hope your weekend goes great! Thanks for reading and do come again!