Homemade Gift for Grandpa

I am not very punctual about remembering birthdays.
So if you are my friend or part of my family…
you just have to celebrate your birthday all month long.

This sign is for my dad.
He’s got a lot of little grand-kids that will agree with these words.
The best part about having a procrastinator for a daughter is that
your birthday isn’t over til’ the middle girl sends a gift.
Happy ‘late’ Birthday Dad!
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20 Replies to “Homemade Gift for Grandpa”

  1. Luv the sign! Happy Belated Birthday to your daddy. Sigh… I miss mine! Over here in Chez Newbanks we also celebrate birthday for weeks on end. Especially the boys. They are both in February and it's a month long birthday fest. Hugs, Gee

  2. I just found your wonderful blog. OMGosh….I have had a blast looking through it. Your home(s) are beautiful. You are a very talented lady. The Grandpa sign was the best!! How cute!!Cricket

  3. I can see where you got your beautiful smile!! My Dad would have loved this sign too, my Mom, not so much, LOL…miss them lots! Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of love going on there!! Happy Birthday to your Pa!Hugs,Pendra

  4. What a cute sign! You look like your mom. I see you've got your parents in on the masquerade masks too! Hope your dad had a great birthday.

  5. I am SO the worst about Birthday Presents! I still miss my granddaddy! Aren't they so wonderful???

  6. How blessed you are to have a great daddy! There is something so special about grandpa's and I bet he loves loving on your kiddos. Great sign… what did grandma have to say? ;-)I totally agree with celebrating all month long; this is my birthday month and I'm taking full advantage of it! xoxo jules

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