Yesterday I stopped by this cute antiques shop. Old shutters and primitive style furniture filled the place. I didn’t walk out with much this time but I did bring home these cute hearts.
That one was $5. It hangs on my front door tied to my dry boxwood wreath.

I don’t use pink or frilly decor for Valentine’s Day (or ever) – this is more up my alley.
I paid $6 for this one. It was so dusty that I wondered if it came from the days when geese and hearts were in style – mauve and blue? (I was young then but I knew I wasn’t going to put geese and hearts in my house when I grew up…..
well, just twiggy hearts for Valentine’s Day)
That heart hangs on our pantry door. That really is my “to do” list today – fun hu?!
See the green heart in the corner?
This darling little heart is the best one of all because my son made it for me out of a twisty tie.
He is so good to me – I love my Ben….
That is Ben and I a few years ago (I have that picture disc in my computer).
He is a sweetheart!!!
I am lucky to have lots of sweethearts in my family (even if one bites).
Have a fun Valentine’s week with your sweethearts!