$1 Chalk~Cork Board…

A fast, easy and cheap message board….

A $1 cork board (with a bad print} from Ocean State Job Lot.
Scrap burlap.
Chalk Board paint.
Paint brush.
apply a saw tooth hanger on back
To add a little interest to the plain cork, chalk board….I will hang it from an iron hook and burlap.
Here’s how:
Hang the board the height you want it with a small nail.
Remove the board.
Right above the small nail – about 6 inches – screw in the iron hook.
Drape ribbon over the hook and tape each end to the wall about 6 inches below the small nail.
This way the chalk board will “look” like it is hanging from ribbon and the iron hook .
Place the Cork-Chalk Board back up on the small nail.
Write a message…
Pin up notes and photos.

Useful, easy and cute.

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  1. I see your green pillow. I love it and would love even more to find out where you got it. Or did someone make it?

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