Pin Inspiration Weekend #1

I was home with my sick little boy over the weekend so we kind of lounged around a bit
 – kind of like Sadie does every day.
To entertain myself while Luke played quietly,
I went to my pin boards and decided to create.
My Inspiration:

This is really cute so I made one kind of like it.

I went to the hardware store for those little plumbing straps.
They were $2.50 each.
I found a wood piece from an old door in my garage and painted it white.
My planters are recycled peanut butter jars.
I used U nails to attach the straps and slid my planters right into the circular opening.
Then tightened them up with a screwdriver. 
The herbs are from the grocery store.
(I already killed one of them – so the one on the left is a “stand in” plant for the photo)
My other inspiration:
I made a ladder several months ago and used it for blankets etc.
I like this one in the laundry but I wanted one in my kitchen to hang dried herbs from.

Since I wasn’t sure if I would really love this,  I decided to not make holes in the ceiling.
The ladder is light weight so I hung it from my light fixture with S hooks and rope.
(I installed those light fixtures so I know how good they are anchored in –
 I think it will hold.)

I like it….for now.
I did two other projects over the weekend but this post is getting long.
I’ll show you later.

10 Replies to “Pin Inspiration Weekend #1”

  1. Holly I LOVE the way you hung that ladder there! Not just like but LOVE… as a matter of fact I was looking closer to see how you hung it and thought it was a great idea… have no doubts! No need for holes in the ceiling… I would do the exact same thing if I had the space for a ladder!Susan

  2. I think you have the wrong source for the Mason Jar wall planter. It was originally done by Not Just a House Wife. Yo can find that post here: gets confusing on Pinterest as to who actually did the project but you have to follow it all the way back to a blog or a website to give proper credit. I only know this as someone gave credit to one of my projects to someone who didn't deserve it. Whats worse is someone did do this deliberately because you can clearly see how they cropped out her water mark on the photo!! And I am in no way suggesting the gall whose board you found it on did it either, we may never know! Just thought you would want to know!! Love your blog, I am a new follower, not just a crazy lady!

  3. Hi… I'm number 454 you're newest follower. I'd like to invite you over to visit and follow me when you get a chance. I love what I've seen so far…great ideas…thanks for the sharing. xoso Sandy

  4. Bonnie- Good to know! I founD one of my pictures last night and it went to another blog. GRRR.. We have to look out for eachother!!!H

  5. You did 4 projects in one weekend?! Good for you! These first two are super cute too! You inspire me to do more and pin less!

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