Pin Inspiration Weekend #1

I was home with my sick little boy over the weekend so we kind of lounged around a bit
 – kind of like Sadie does every day.
To entertain myself while Luke played quietly,
I went to my pin boards and decided to create.
My Inspiration:

This is really cute so I made one kind of like it.

I went to the hardware store for those little plumbing straps.
They were $2.50 each.
I found a wood piece from an old door in my garage and painted it white.
My planters are recycled peanut butter jars.
I used U nails to attach the straps and slid my planters right into the circular opening.
Then tightened them up with a screwdriver. 
The herbs are from the grocery store.
(I already killed one of them – so the one on the left is a “stand in” plant for the photo)
My other inspiration:
I made a ladder several months ago and used it for blankets etc.
I like this one in the laundry but I wanted one in my kitchen to hang dried herbs from.

Since I wasn’t sure if I would really love this,  I decided to not make holes in the ceiling.
The ladder is light weight so I hung it from my light fixture with S hooks and rope.
(I installed those light fixtures so I know how good they are anchored in –
 I think it will hold.)

I like it….for now.
I did two other projects over the weekend but this post is getting long.
I’ll show you later.