Rustic Christmas Porch

decorating my porch with natural elements in my own yard
 My Inspiration:

Pottery Barn

My porch doesn’t look a thing like that but I was drawn to the twiggy garland above the arch.  So I made my own version of that.

found some nice twisty branches and clipped lots of them
Lay the branches out in a large area and place them in a way that looks nice and even on both sides.
In the center tie them together with twine:
Attach this to the top molding of your front door or portico.
I have nails in my molding from years past so I used a little floral wire to attach and tame these wild little twigs to the molding.  Plus I have an iron scroll that came in handy too.
When in place I wrapped some burlap around the middle to make it look like it was meant to be this way.  🙂
added some glittery ornaments to the garland
(I got these last year for pennies after Christmas)

Since I was going all natural and twiggy I chose this wreath but it didn’t “pop” all alone-

so to compliment the twig wreath I found this white “junk” in my kids’ fort in the woods.  I stole it (I’m pretty sure it originally came with my Adirondack chair).

I found these silly little metal trees in the basement.  I thought they were “cheesy” until I lit them up and left off the plastic stars that go on top.  They were the only lights that worked this year so I had to give them a chance to shine.
  I hauled some logs up from the backyard and nailed the little trees to the tops with u nails.

Now my porch is all rustic and natural.  I literally spent NO money here.

On the garage I tied up my old sleigh to an iron trellis that is screwed into my house.

Then painted our house number on it & added some clippings and star.
From far away it looks like this:

A Rustic Christmas Porch

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marilyn scott

This is just sooo perfect, what a beautiful home decorations! The rustic theme makes the home so relaxing. i like the wreath too, simple yet elegant. Have a happy holidays!Marilyn @ Christmas decorating ideas

Prasad Kumar

Gorgeous! Just what I'm loving this holiday too– a little rest for the eyes and mind from the hectic. I love the restfulness of your Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing!Prasad


Across The Way sent me here to see your porch. She knows a good thing when she sees it. This is absolutely wonderful. You did a great job and spent no money? Wow! It looks great….oh…yeah…and now that I am here- well, you are stuck with me!;>)


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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Wow, such a great look and awesome again that you didn't have to buy anything.

Custom Comforts

How very, very pretty and creative. Your porch looks so pretty all lit up at night and just as lovely as the Pottery Barn picture. Newest follower and welcome to blogland. Looking forward to visiting your lovely blog.Cindy

Town and Country Gals

Your front porch is amazing! Love your style, it's so my style! It's so rustic and Christmassy, just perfect! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit me!Rebecca


Yours looks AWESOME! And I like it better than the PB! Great job and welcome to blog sphere! christie at three pixie lane

debbie refresh restyle

Beautiful entry, love the sleigh!Debbie

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama

I love your rustic simple decor .. it looks so pretty


So very pretty…what a warm welcome 🙂 Laurel@chippingwithcharm

White Ironstone Cottage

Beautiful LOVE your sled I have to get mine down from the rafters your looks so cuteI am your newest follower lucky 100congrats!!xoPam


I love your rustic porch!

A Cottage Muse

LOVE it!!

The Corson Cottage

Your home is beautiful! Your front door entry turned out great! I would love to have you share it at our {Home for the Holidays} link party at The Corson Cottage 🙂 Carrie

Heaven's Walk

Wow! Great job and what a beautiful home! I adore your screen door. Can you tell me where you purchased it?? :)xoxo laurie

Ruth Sagrario Macotela

stunning and so festive!

Olive Cooper

Your wreath and white junk piece is brilliant♥


Oh you are my kind of gal! Fabulous job, all that twig and rustic country…<3Rosemary…


Loving all of your holiday decor! Please come on over Sunday evening! Starting at 8 p.m. I will kicking off the first annual Holiday Mantel Party! It will be lots of fun and we would love to have ya over to party with us!


I think you are my new Blog Crush!I absolutely adore your down to earth style and love every detail of your blog. What incredible talent you posses. Blessings from So Cal,Irma


It's always fun to see someone as creative as you…thank you for sharing!

D @ The Shady Porch

Lovely job on your holiday porch! So wonderfully inviting! I love the natural rustic elements! I would love to have you share your holiday porch at my party!


Your front porch is so pretty -I found your blog through Eclectically Vintage. The tree lights look really nice lit and placed on the wood.


Beautiful! I love decorating with branches too! Found you through Eclectically Vintage.Kristen


My heart is literally *pounding* because I've found your blog for the first time {via inpsired room} and absolutely love your style. I have been on a \”quest\” to try and nail down my style because we are planning to build a home on the property we own. My dream has always been to buy an old home, but since we plan to build I've been collecting ideas on how to make it feel \”old w/ character & lived in\” rather than brand, shiny new. Your \”house tour\” is a jackpot of ideas. Thank you soooo much for sharing .… Read more »

Tracey @ BellaSky

I found your blog on pinterest as well! When my house grows up it wants to be decorated like yours. I love your style! Its like you are in my head! Weird! Anyway, so glad to have found you! thanks for making the world pretty!


I found your blog through Pinterest & I love your home! Gorgeous decor!!New follower here 🙂

Eclectically Vintage

I do love your style! That's why I am giving you the Liebster Blog Award … it's to support up-and-coming bloggers. Check out my post today to find out more about what it is and what you should do with it. Love your blog. Check it out at:

Eclectically Vintage

Love the logs the trees sit on – eliminates the \”cheesey\” factor!! Adds a nice rustic touch. And the branches over the door too. Kelly


I love the wall color in your house! What shade of green is in your livingroom? Brand and type of paint?


Wow!! i just came over from the Inspiredroom, your home is absolutely beautiful!!! I love all your number art, and everything else too!!


I just found your blog…so far everything is beautiful I will be following for sure..going to spend the afternoon going through your old posts Cheers Frances


Wow! Wow! Wow! I LOVE how you have decorated. I came over for a visit to your blog from \”The Inspired Room\”…..I'll be back!


Inspired room sent me-but here to stay -new follower! Love your EVERYTHING! Think I have a \”blog crush\”!


Love the warm feel! Stopping by from The Inspired Room. 🙂


Beautiful home!!! I was sent over by The Inspired Home. I grew up in CT (Suffield) and I miss the old homes. I am not in Colorado and it's just not the same when trying to decorate for the holidays. You have done such an amazing job! I'll have to browse your blog more… where in CT are you? I'll have to send my SIL to your shop! She loves your style, too! Thanks for sharing… Kathleen

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt

Went on your house tour and loved your home. Great job!


I'm so glad that I found your blog. Love it! I have pinned a couple of your lovely photos on Pinterest. The decor in your house is just beautiful, such an inspiration. Speaking of which, drop by my place, I'm hosting a lovely Holiday Giveaway. Hope to see you there:-) Oh I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to see more of your lovely posts.


I love it all! Nailing those trees to the logs was such a great idea! And I used to have a grapevine arch around my front door and I'm thinking I need it back now. My husband will love this news! 😉