Rustic Christmas Porch

decorating my porch with natural elements in my own yard
 My Inspiration:

Pottery Barn

My porch doesn’t look a thing like that but I was drawn to the twiggy garland above the arch.  So I made my own version of that.

found some nice twisty branches and clipped lots of them
Lay the branches out in a large area and place them in a way that looks nice and even on both sides.
In the center tie them together with twine:
Attach this to the top molding of your front door or portico.
I have nails in my molding from years past so I used a little floral wire to attach and tame these wild little twigs to the molding.  Plus I have an iron scroll that came in handy too.
When in place I wrapped some burlap around the middle to make it look like it was meant to be this way.  🙂
added some glittery ornaments to the garland
(I got these last year for pennies after Christmas)

Since I was going all natural and twiggy I chose this wreath but it didn’t “pop” all alone-

so to compliment the twig wreath I found this white “junk” in my kids’ fort in the woods.  I stole it (I’m pretty sure it originally came with my Adirondack chair).

I found these silly little metal trees in the basement.  I thought they were “cheesy” until I lit them up and left off the plastic stars that go on top.  They were the only lights that worked this year so I had to give them a chance to shine.
  I hauled some logs up from the backyard and nailed the little trees to the tops with u nails.

Now my porch is all rustic and natural.  I literally spent NO money here.

On the garage I tied up my old sleigh to an iron trellis that is screwed into my house.

Then painted our house number on it & added some clippings and star.
From far away it looks like this:

A Rustic Christmas Porch

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