Earthy Tree Ornaments

made from branches in my own backyard…

I used my miter saw to cut these cuties but because the branches are a bit “twisty” it can be a little scary- so if you try this – make sure the branch you choose is as straight as possible.  Give your hands plenty of room away from your saw blade and hold that log nice and tight. Don’t forget your safety goggles!

   (It was a bit tricky and scary to slice these so thin ….. and I am not one to be afraid of a saw.)
So be careful!
They turned out dang cute so it was worth it – and I have all of my fingers!  🙂

be safe

I stenciled the words and numbers with a sharpie paint pen and sealed them with poly.  Drill a hole at the top and use jewelry twine to string a little gem at top for a fancy accent.

They look awesome on my nature inspired tree!
more ornament ideas HERE

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Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

I love wood slice anything and these ornaments are so cute!


I too have a newer home but love the rustic decor that bloggers like yourself have done to change the look and feel. My dad was cutting down some trees on their land in northern Wisconsin and asked him to cut me up some branches so I could make these beautiful ornaments you posted. I just received them in the mail yesterday but they are not very dry. Did you dry your ornaments first then painted and poly them or did you do it all while the branches were still somewhat green? Also, I saw your Christmas home tour and… Read more »


Adorable…and glad you were able to keep all your fingers! 😉 Laurel@chippingwithcharm

Funky Junk Interiors

These are fabulous! I might have to try this if I can find a thick enough branch!Shared on FJI Facebook for SNS 109 and pinned. :)

Nook & Cranny

These are so fantastic, thanks so much for the inspiration.Michele

Trish @ Uncommon

These are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them at our Home for the Holidays party!

The Little Red Hen

I love your style girlfriend


Jodie-Thank you for your comment and interest in my little ornaments. I use a miter saw for this type of project. Mine is a craftsman 6 inch blade and it has been a \”work horse\”. I also have a Rigid brand that is so great too. I use a sharpie \”paint\” pen (oil based & permanant) in black and seal it with mod pog or polyurethane. Yes- I use stencils from the craft stores. Cute ideas Jodie… Happy Crafting!!!Holly


Hi Holly! Love it. Want to slice some for my sons to decorate. Would also make cute placecards.What kind of saw do you recommend? We just have hand saws but I was thinking of getting some small kind of an electric saw for these kind of things? Did you just use a sharpie or stencils or stamps for the words? Last, any kind of sealer we need?