Tree of Memories

Our Family Christmas Tree 2011…

This tree has ornaments from when I was a little girl.
My grandmother let all the grand kids pick out an ornament every Thanksgiving so we could build up a nice collection for when we had our own tree to decorate.

That was a very sweet family tradition.
Our White Metal Star is going on the top on Christmas Eve.
My boy, Luke, gets the honor this year and he wants to wait
for that special moment.
(it’s a good thing he wants to wait because it’s missing…?)
My boys had a very special nurse when they were in the hospital as preemie babies.
She gives them a little ornament every year for Christmas.
These ornaments bring back special memories of the days I spent with my kids
 getting ready for the holidays.
We did lots of “arts & crafts” and baking during the long winters.
Each year the ornament “cluster” moves up an inch or two or even three.
(somebody must be about 54 inches tall this year)
The school pictures are adorable….I want to cry. 
Where does time go?
Now that my boys are 9 years old (twins) we still build holiday memories preparing for
 Christmas by going on nature walks to gather vines, berries and branches for our tree.
It brings in a bit of  “nature” to our artificial Christmas tree.