Sunny Spring Porch

I am enjoying the sun coming into the front of our house today.

I open the front door first thing in the morning to let the natural light in through the glass storm door.
The porch is a wonderful place to greet the new day.
(too bad my view is of cars lining the streets of suburbia)
Although, this is one place I love at this house we rent.
The Spring decor is simple.
But I am actually enjoying the sun from the inside today. Sitting in my favorite chair with my baby dog, my cup of Joe and my bill pay board
“organizing money” on my computer.
Isn’t that fun?
Happy Wednesday!
You can see last years Spring porch HERE!

31 Replies to “Sunny Spring Porch”

  1. We've been enjoying some beautiful weather here in California, and I've been celebrating by—– doing my taxes, like a good girl. :PBeing adult is so overrated! 🙂

  2. Your front porch is wonderful! I love that it wraps around the house. Ours was supposed to do that, but when we had our house built, we told the builder to enlarge our eating area of the kitchen instead of the wrap around porch. It was an even exchange. Still wish ours wrapped though. Your forsythia wreath on the front door is perfect for this time of year!

  3. Your view, is better than mine.. I have a view of non stop traffic and people walking to the bus stop, the homeless, the left of centers, even a few hookers.. nope not kidding. But I am slowly adding to my view roses and other flowering shrubs, a picket fence and hopefully soon will have a lovely place to sit on our front porch and be able to love it as you love yours. Your chair reminds me of my favorite spot on our couch that has the window behind it that the sun shines through most of the day and will soon be filled with more beauty than what is there now…. guess we have to grow where we are planted and make the best of it.

  4. No, bill pay does not sound like fu, but love your forsythia wreath. Can't wait for the real things to bloom here.Hugs,Laura

  5. I think I could rent just the front porch there and be HAPPY! It's beautifully sunny but oh sooooo cold here! Hannah went to beauty spa (groomer) yesterday and looks naked and is freezing like crazy today…poor little girl!Happy Wednesday,~Pendra

  6. You had me at sunny and spring. Oh, and grass {jealous lol} It snowed here again today but it is only March and there is hope of Spring soon. Lovely porch and I still need to find a great old door like yours.

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  8. Did I miss your post on the bill-pay board? I need one of those, I'm such a visual person and I could use something like that! I'm the bill-payor over here too.Leslie (Gwen Moss)

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