Recycled Boxwood for a Wreath

I plucked my old cone shaped boxwood to fill my porch urns.
There was enough left over for this wreath.

Each little bunch of leaves is attached with wire to a wooden pick. It was really easy to pull each one from the foam cone and stick them into the hay wreath. I left the plastic wrap on the hay because I will need to spritz my preserved leaves once in a while to keep them fresh.
I poked an ‘S’ hook through the hay for easy hanging.
The new {old} wreath looks nice on the inside of our entry door.
A few years ago I paid $79.99 for the cone shaped topiary at TJMax – without a pot.  I knew it was a good deal because the preserved boxwood topiaries that I had my eye on at the time were really pricey.
I think I have gotten my moneys worth.

Two filled urns and now a lovely wreath.
Recycled, Reused….Resourceful and Pretty.
If you like wreaths as much as I do – see THIS POST.

12 Replies to “Recycled Boxwood for a Wreath”

  1. The cone topiary lives on . Yet another beauty harvested from it's bounty. Looking at my poor boxwood shrubs with a greedy eye!! The wreath is so full and lush. Well done you Holly!!Hugs, Gee

  2. Holly ! Its beautiful. . . Iheck ya you got your moneys worth. . . that wreath alone would be as much as you paid for the topi. Good job. . . Happy Spring to ya. . .

  3. I love everything you've made out of your old topiary! You made it go far. Yes, those evergreen wreaths and potted plants are expensive. That was a great idea to reuse the stems into other projects!

  4. Holly it's so funny you did this post today…I'm going out this afternoon looking for a boxwood wreath! I've been working on a chalkboard and want to hand a wreath over it…wonder where I got that from??? Love that you work with what you have and re-use, re-do and re-make! You are a BIG inspiration to me!Hugs,Pendrap.s. I have a pic of Hannah in her camo coat at my place…come visit!

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