Junky Bunny Art

I am loving the bunny silhouettes out there…

Like this one from Serendipity Refined
I made my own version of that sweet bunny art with junky shipping crate wood from my garage. (my kids took a hammer to the middle of it)
I searched for a bunny sketch on-line that I was able to freehand draw…
HERE is the link to this little guy.
He is cute and simple.
His tail is a handful of cotton balls.
I put it on top of our piano in front of the mirror.
(that mirror is heavy for me to move)
That was an easy Saturday morning craft! Now I am going to go out and enjoy this 60 degree weather!
Easter always reminds me of that old commercial for Cadbury Eggs with the little boy saying…
“Thank You Easter Bunny! Bock!!! Bock!!!”
Do you remember that one?
HERE is a link to a bunny mural I painted for a baby nursery.

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31 Replies to “Junky Bunny Art”

  1. That's so cute. I like how you added the cotton balls for the tail. I can't believe how early Easter is this year. It still feels like Winter here.

  2. can't do the Cadbury eggs. . . .too much like the real thing in a raw form. . . I do however like your bunny. . . was almost 70 here in Montana today. . . hurry up n Spring Spring!!!

  3. I SO remember that commercial! Adore the handful of cotton balls for the tail; it's perfecto! I better get my Easter craft on; it always throws me off when it is in March! xoxo Jules

  4. I have Kimberly's bunny pinned so now I'll pin yours too. I'll shake them both together and see what I come up with.Bliss

  5. Oh I can't believe you. This is too darn cute, and lucky me, I have some pallet wood in the backyard. I think I could do this. :)Leslie (Gwen Moss)

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