Indusrtial Night Stand

My little boy, Luke, needed an easy to reach place for books next to his bed – besides his small desk.

I made him this shallow industrial style night stand.
Using a small window well and a round stain grade circular top.
(the other part of that circle is in THIS POST)
1×6 pine, 2×4, 1/2 round top, window well, small corner brackets, nuts and screws.
Table saw, drill (bits for pilot holes and phillips head), miter saw, level, pencil and a stud finder.
1 – Attach equal size 2×4’s with corner brackets to the 1/2 round top.
2 – Lay it flat on the floor and attach the window well to the 2×4’s using nuts and screws.
3 – Cut the 1×6 (cut two the exact same – you will need one for step 5) to measure edge to edge of the 2×4’s and screw it in on both sides of the 2×4’s at the bottom.
4 –  Rub in dark walnut stain to the wood.
5 –  Set your table saw at a 45 degree angle and run a 1×6 through to make two separate pieces that fit together at the angle.
6 – Attach one 1/2 of the 1×6 to the top, back edge of the half round making sure the angle is pointing down.
(be sure to make pilot holes or your wood will split)
7 – Cut two small scrap 1×6’s for the bottom so the backside will lay flush up against the wall. Attach them with screws.
8 – Find the height where you want the table to go and mark with a pencil. Use your stud finder to locate two studs within the area your table will sit.
9 – Use your level and a pencil to mark the stud place and drill the 1×6 into the studs (angle up).
10 – The table should sit securely right on top of the 1×6. It’s like a puzzle – putting the 1×6 back together.

That is the easiest way to hang something heavy.

The galvanized steel goes with Luke’s reading lamps.
Task lights attached to garden hooks.
You can view Luke’s Room Makeover in our last home HERE.
The white shelves were here in our rental when we moved in. I left them alone and tried to situate the furniture around them.

Now when Luke asks for a drink and snack at bedtime he will have a place to put them – besides his crowded desk.
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