Lovely Vanilla Apartment Tour

Hello Lovely,
WELCOME to our apartment!

We are in the long process of building a home so while we are very patiently waiting we are living in a 1300 square foot apartment.

Ms. Mazi is going to be your hostess and tour guide. She digs this stuff!
However, she will have to be excused for a few photos because the landscapers are outside working and they are very interesting and a bit suspicious! (wink)

Here it is – our very vanilla apartment. I could end the tour there because really this is it – where we work, live, eat, chat and everything – except sleep (well, once in a while somebody sleeps out here).

It’s not beautiful or an inspiration so much but one of my readers requested to see our apartment. Here you go Bailey Wife and friends!

But I won’t end the tour there – I am giving you the real deal. Key word here is real.

I just recently hung a few things on the walls. Can you imagine it even more plain?

The furniture we have furnished our temporary home with is all from The Goodwill or used except for the few new purchased items like the sectional sofa, Marc’s desk and two of the dining chairs – oh, and our mattresses but you won’t see those in this tour – (Vanilla? Not even that!).

When we decided to leave Utah (link to house tour 3 here), we had to go quickly to get started at our new school and work. We put all of our belongings into storage units and packed several suitcases and flew to Virginia. We had our cars brought out by a carrier.

We wanted to get to the area and house shop before moving all of our stuff across country. We didn’t expect to build but after searching around that is what we decided to do – for better or worse. We expected to be in this apartment for up to 6 months but it’s taking much longer than that (thanks to the custom aspect of this building process – and I’m not even being that picky!).

We moved into this apartment sight unseen. I knew I wouldn’t love the kitchen and all but I was pleasantly surprised to find brand new carpet and the rooms are bigger than I expected. The location was exactly right for the school district and the apartment complex is right across the street from our old neighborhood that our house tour 2 is in.
NOTE: We lived in this same town from 2012 to 2015 – moved to Utah where we have family – loved the family not where we lived – 18 months later we returned to VA. That was not fun and I took a sabbatical from blogging.
We originally furnished our place for a short term stay and I didn’t bother to do much until recently. I have tried to make it feel somewhat like our home.

Both my husband and I work from home. Here is HIS office…(in addition to his car and Starbucks).

And if you turn around, there is HERS….(real)

I actually rent a garage on the first floor for the painting of bigger pieces of furniture that I do for my retail space at The Lazy Daisy Gift Store.

You can go ahead and notice that most of our furniture is unfinished – I haven’t made refinishing or painting our furniture a priority. Except for this dining table.  It’s entirely too big for this space but when I came across it, I refinished it put it in the shop to sell but after seeing it all done I really wanted to keep it for the new house. So we moved it back here.

We still have another 6 months to go before we move into our house and the table takes up too much space. I am working on another dining option.

Marc reminds me that “there is not going to be a shortage of good furniture”.

OK! (sigh)

Luckily we have an extension to our living/office space on this little deck. Lately the weather is the best of the whole year so the doors stay open. (that is not Mazi’s best side)

There you are – take it from here Ms. Mazi (like Daisy).

Is there anything you want to share about your favorite space Ms. Mazi?

Yes, this is where you keep a close watch on what goes on in the complex.  We use it to relax but you like to be on high alert and yes, sometimes you get banned from the deck because you bark. I know!

Oh, you want to add something? Yes, the whole family can not fit out here but it makes for great one on one conversations between two of us at a time…the neighbors get to hear all of it. (eye roll)

I am trying to listen to Marc (my husband) about the “no shortage of good furniture” but this old weathered bench is one of a kind. We have a future mudroom that it is perfect for. It will also save us a lot of money on a built in bench – plus, it adds much more character. Don’t you agree?

(Why the wheels? My guys were not home so I attached wheels to the feet so I could actually move the heavy beast by myself – even up a flight of stairs – that was NOT a pretty moment in time, I promise!)

The bench is so cool, functional AND I didn’t quite break my back bringing it in, although somebody could have seen my underwear had they been looking (acrobats).

SO – what do you think? Don’t you agree – Va-nil-la?

But a few of my efforts to make it homey are …

Fur throw, greenery and hodge-podge lamps.

Old chest with new unfinished legs. The metal tray holds the remotes and such.

Goodwill accessories – even the pillow. (I washed it.)

My boys will not want me to keep that pillow out. Can you imagine me saying to them “hello LOVELY”?

OMG! I am already so weird in their 14 year old eyes that I just have to keep my mouth shut most of the time as it is.

Luckily, I am the queen in Mazi’s tired eyes.

Thanks for the tour Mae…that was exhausting, I know, and we didn’t even make it to the kitchen and bedrooms.

Until next time…ZZZZZZZZZZ