Herb Planters

Our weather has been so warm and pretty.

I picked up some herbs and flowers from the nursery today.
Rosemary, Basil & Cilantro
I put them on our sunny deck.
Now G-R-O-W!

16 Replies to “Herb Planters”

  1. I love herbs and have to grow mine in containers for them to do well. We actually got some rain yesterday, so I saved some for all my house plants and patio plants. What a difference.

  2. You've inspired me, Holly, to get my herbs planted. I've been gathering containers, now I just have to get the herbs. Your deck looks so pretty with your pots and bench.Mary Alice

  3. Great pictures, I love planting my herbs and flowers. I look forward to it every year. It is finally feeling like spring here too!! Cynthia

  4. We had about 6\” of snow a couple of days ago and about 10\” a few before that…BUT it is slowly melting and we are supposed to hit in the 70's tomorrow! Whoo hoo, we might see Spring for a day or two and then we will probably have to turn on the air conditioner cuz it will be summer! hehehe! I can't wait to plant something in the dirt until then I'll just have to live through you!Hugs,Pendra

  5. Looks like you have the perfect place for those herbs to grow. I like how you set up the area for them. I've never grown my own herbs before. I've been tempted though. The smell alone would be nice to have.

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