Goodbye My Friends in CT and THANK YOU!!!

We have lived in Connecticut for 9 years.
 This beautiful place has been “home” to our twin boys.
I believe life leads you places for a reason.  This was a place for us to meet some of the best friends we’ve ever had….friendships to treasure for life.
I have to share with you a video of our going away party that my friends put together for me and my family. I am forever thankful for these people who have embraced us and made our family feel right at home here in Connecticut.
 (click the link below then play the video)

If you love photography – this is one talented photographer.
(Browse her site while you are there.)
Amy knows how to make an event extra special….Thank you!
(Christmas Eve with the Trahant Family 2008)
Marc and Tim Christmas Eve 2009
(roasting chestnuts by the open fire)
Thanksgiving day 2009 with the Trahant Family
a special thanks to Jeannie, Renee, Jen, Patty and Amy for our fun farewell party….


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Leslie Harris

I couldn't resist clicking on this post because we are getting close to moving too. And it helps to know that even though it's hard to say goodbye, happy times are ahead. I love the photos of the boys together. They are so cute all dressed up and with the little bird. Aw.

trendy style

looking great party

Adriane-Pages from Home

Hi little lady! Just wanted to drop in and say hello! Thinking of you on your move, and hope everything is going smooth. Show us some pictures soon (no pressure, lol)


I've been checking back everyday in the hopes you have returned to blogging…miss your wonderful creations…I am sure you are settling in and will be back soon I hope to show us your new home Cheryl from Ontario


Oh my gosh that brought tears to my eyes! What wonderful friends you made Holly! I hope that you are settling into your new home in Virginia. Some reason I thought you were headed to Ohio. Ive been so busy so I am sure I missed something.

Holly @ Bella Nest

Hi, Holly! Long time, no see! Hope everything is going good with your move. Can't wait to see how you decorate your new place! God bless!


The video was AWESOME!


Congrats on your new journey of life!!~ We lived in S. Florida for 9 years and my boys made the best of friendships as did we. We still keep in touch, visit and have the best of times together. We have now been in the Carolina's for 6 years and I can't imagine any other place being home for us. You will get that too soon enough. Can't wait to see your new place!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

Great pics and great friends! I hope your move goes smoothly. So sorry you have to leave treasured friends behind. I'm sure that will be the hardest part. I'm thinking of you!

The Bold Abode

Oh, Moving is so hard! But this means you'll be closer to ME!!!! Yay! I can't wait to scoot over to there and take you to Kuba, Kuba!!! And shopping at Short Pump!!! Yay!!!

Jane Craske

Too fun, hope that the move goes well and you are just as lucky in your new home C:

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

How sweet! It's hard to leave friends, but you will make new ones! I can't wait to see what you do to your new home once you get to Virginia :)~Shanon

Susan @

Oh my gosh that was a great video! Your friends are really going to miss you! You are off now to make new memories and new friends. You are so nice I'm sure you'll make a zillion friends right away.Good luck with your move!SusanHomeroad


What a beautiful video from some very special friends. I wish I had those special friends, especially is such dark time with my own family. We (husband and I) are looking at a possible out of state move, just waiting to hear the words. It will be hard, but yet at the same time it is something we've looked forward to for a very long time.I had tears in my eyes watching the video and reading all of the wonderful comments. I'm sure you and your wonderful family will meet some very special new friends once you get settled. Your… Read more »


Video choked me up. Made me sad to think of how your friends will miss you. Makes me glad to be a blog pal, I don't lose you.~Bliss~

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

I know your move must be creating a wave of emotions, Holly! We women DO have a tendency to connect our hearts to others rather easily and lay down roots in our environments. But, I'm sure many other new friends await you in you next location. ;)Be sure to stop by and take a peek at my \”French-inpired\” giveaway. There are only three more days to enter.Blessings,Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

Amy Kinser

Good friends are such a blessing. I have not been the one to move away, but have had several very close friends move. It breaks my heart a little each time. Thankfully, God always has someone ready to fill that void..not to replace them…but just fill the hole in my heart.Blessings to y'all as you move.

Artsy VaVa

The video was great! What nice friends. Luckily our hearts are big enough to open up and welcome new friends into our lives. Good luck with the move and have fun making new friends and new memories!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

it's hard to leave friends- trust me i know! saturday night chris and i were sitting outside and i saw on fb that our old friends were all hanging out together and i said i missed them. he said if we sitll lived there we'd be with them…. but then i looked around and i said. i love it here, and i have o regrets, even though i miss my friends. and he looked around and said, \”no, ya really can't beat this.\” leaving friends is hard, but there is always something new on the horizon. and you know you… Read more »