Bucket & Burlap

Need a cute and cheap planting pot?

A 5 Gallon Bucket & Burlap….
Wrap the burlap around the bucket loosely tucking the excess inside.
I had some rope in the garage that I used to tie the garden fabric in place.
I purchased a lovely fern at the grocery store for $12.99

17 Replies to “Bucket & Burlap”

  1. Oh I love this!!! It's so simple and cheap! I actually have a bucket, burlap, rope and a fern right now … Headed outside to make myself a burlap pot!! 🙂 you rock!!

  2. I love this! It's so simple, but fabulous! What a great idea.Carolyn{my simple messterpiece}

  3. How wonderful is this? And EASY. Yep, that's one of the criteria of a good craft. It has to look wonderful but be really quick and easy. 🙂

  4. *gasps* This is genius! Do you have any idea how many stinkin' buckets I have from my hubbies work? LOVE this! Thanks for inspiration Holly. Pinned!

  5. That has to be one of the best recycle ideas I've ever seen! So blooming cute too!

  6. I love it Holly – that looks great! I've got this linked to my planters post too today, for inspiration!

  7. Will u please tell me where I can get a ree like the one by your frontdoor inside by the steps?

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