Upgrade Your Builder Mantel {easy}

The fireplace is a huge focal point in our house.
I want it to look beautiful.
(even with the TV sitting above)

This was the mantel shelf….BEFORE!
And now!
I built a 5 sided box from pine –
With these supplies:
1 – 2x8x8 rough pine for the top
1 – 1x6x8 for the front and sides
1 – 1x4x8 for the bottom
2 – Pine Corbels
Six metal corner brackets for 58 cents to 79 cents each
Liquid nails, 3/4 inch screws, drill, nails and a hammer.
I like to use my nail gun and air compressor but you can use a hammer and nails.
My existing mantel shelf measures 6 feet long and 6 inches deep so I purchased longer/wider wood for more display space. Cut the wood length down to size so it fits pretty snug to your existing shelf. Attach all the wood with the metal brackets and liquid nails.
I made mine to fit tightly over the shelf so I can remove it later. We are renting this house so I didn’t think I should do anything permanent. If you want yours to be permanent then it would be easier to glue and nail the wood right on to your existing mantel.
Once the box was made I distressed it with the items above.
I then brought it into the house and set it in place.
To make the wood look more “knotty” I followed some of the wood grain with a tiny brush & black paint first. Before it dried completely I wiped it with a paper towel.
I attached the corbels with my nail gun using only one nail going into the wall and two into the shelf itself. The weight of the new mantel keeps it resting on the existing mantel underneath. This is only because mine is a temporary piece. If yours is going to stay then use more nails and glue to attach it securely.
Then I used a sponge brush to apply dark walnut stain.
Here you can see the black paint effect and the way I really beat up the wood.
Took me less than two hours.
The 2×8 is a chunky top that gives me plenty of room to display holiday decor around the built in TV.
The remotes can still communicate with the the electronics on the shelves.
The new shelf adds a {custom ~ rustic} accent to an otherwise
plain white builder mantel.
All for about $40…..WOW!