Box Planter For Above the TV

Happy New Year Everyone! Today I am sharing some changes to our family room since taking down all the Christmas decor. You can see this room decorated for Christmas HERE. You know that I am not a huge fan of wall mounted TV’s, especially above the fireplace. However, some rooms are set up best that…

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New Floor to Ceiling Wood Fireplace Wall

Guess what?! The boys moved the TV off of our fireplace hearth! Yay! Now I can show you what I did to the fireplace wall bump out in our family room. Let’s look back at what it looked like before. It was fine…meahh! (major TV blockage) I wanted to bring the same treatment from our…

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The Family Room with a Question for You

Today I got my camera out to take a few pictures of Mazi. She got a fresh new hair cut yesterday and she looks like she lost 50% of her weight. Too bad that didn’t work for me on my last hair cut. While I had the camera out I tried my new tripod for…

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