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Welcome to our home in Virginia. We lived here for three years prior to our move to Utah. This home was a rental so we were able to a few changes but not anything too permanent.

We made it cozy with our own decor and many DIY projects to accent each room.
Here are some pictures to show how we brought in our own character with a bit of paint and window treatments.
We painted one wall black in the living room to make a dramatic statement off of the foyer. It was easy to repaint when we left.
I stayed home with the kids and did a bit of design for friends when we lived here. I stayed busy redecorating this house all the time.
Our breakfast nook was bright and sunny. We used an old work bench for our dining table.
And our kitchen stayed the same except for some temporary changes that were easy to reverse once we moved out.

The carpet was in terrible shape so we took up the nasty carpet and painted the stairs.

Our family room had many looks but these are some of my favorites.

We had a formal dining room that we turned into a craft room and homework space for the boys.

Let’s go see the bedrooms.

Our headboards at this point were mostly made by me.

Here is Luke’s room.

And Ben’s room.

The 3rd floor had a bonus room with a small bath and we used this for a guest room and play space.

Our laundry room was small so we stacked the washer and dryer and I made a folding table from an old fence.

We made lots of fun memories here but were drawn to our home state of Utah. You can see that house HERE.

Thanks for viewing our home.

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Your are amazing everything is always perfect.I look at your website alot and always amazed at simple things you do.God has given you a talent Thanks for sharing..