Holly Browning

Hello and welcome! Let me introduce myself. I am Holly, the creator of Down to Earth Style blog.

In 2007, I started a small business designing rooms and making home accents for friends and clients. By 2011 I started this public DIY journal where I blog about some of my projects, designs and life.

I use the name ‘Down to Earth’ because my style is practical and comfortable. My designs are meant to be family friendly but visually interesting.

When I hear somebody say “Down to Earth” I think – not intimidating and real. If somebody thinks that I am “Down to Earth“, well – I’ll take that as a compliment.

I have a small retail space in The Lazy Daisy of Midlothian, VA. I enjoy up-cycling furniture and making home accents.

A few places you can see some projects featured on other sites are in the links below.

Country Living

House Beautiful

CNN Living


Home BNC

If you are looking for design assistance with your own space I specialize in redesign using your own furniture and decor.

Be sure to follow my instagram @downtoearth.style HERE

This blog is purely for inspiration. I share techniques with painting and making furniture, home accents and styling homes.

I throw in a family story here and there, too.

Thank you for stopping by.

8 Replies to “Holly Browning”

  1. I saw the box in your foyer and wondered if the letters stood for Roanoke, VA. After seeing where you live, I guess it’s more likely for Richmond. (I live near Roanoke.)

  2. roxiex7 – Wife, Mother, blogger, Diy junkie, love anything to do with Decorating and photography etc... And Most importantly lover of Jesus
    Roxie says:

    Wow small world!! I kept saying this lady looks familiar Hey classmate and old neighbor

  3. Hahaha…the world is so small when you put yourself out there on line. Thanks for the comment and hello again! Roy…goodness sakes. My dad still lives close by. I love to visit.

  4. Is this Roxanne W? If so, I can’t believe you popped up because I think about you sometimes and wonder why didn’t I hang out with you. You always had the happiest smile on your face. I think we were both so shy. I hope all is well with you and thank you for the message!

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