It’s about the Horse …


Hello! I am so excited to share with you guys that I no longer have a TV on my fireplace mantel!

Here’s what it looked like BEFORE


Since last winter a few things have changed. The rug … It’s in the garage! Maya kept using it as a fancy pee pad so, until I can trust her again, it’s staying safely rolled up. The window panels? They are in my linen closet and the new ones are drop cloths. If you want to see how I do those see THIS POST. Also, the TV has moved. Yaya!

We recently finished (almost) our attic space into a big family room so when we watch movies or our favorite series it happens up there. I have yet to show that space because we still have some final projects in there to finish (sink, countertops & decor)

With this area of our home being so open the TV could be heard everywhere, including the home office, so it couldn’t always be used.

I had a mirror there for a minute but you know my gallery wall IN THIS POST? I have lots of mirrors there so I just wanted some art instead. If you’ve been here awhile you know I love horses. I fell in love with my first horse art displayed in THIS POST. He was so lovely but after toting him around for a few years I ended up selling him.

When I went to Homegoods to find a new piece that spoke to me for our freed up space, I knew this guy was the one right away. They had several of these beautiful prints and also other animal prints that I loved. The price was so good at round $60.

I tried several accessories around the art but it looked cluttered. I opted for my thrifted pot and twiggy stems with just a few pine cones. It’s earthy and simple.

On the coffee table I also display a big thrifted basket with some clippings from a tree in our backyard. Nature comes to the rescue every time.

This basket was a lucky find at $10. It’s really big but it matches the scale of this coffee table.

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how it really takes time to get your design right in a new home. Especially with tall ceilings and open spaces.

One of these days I’d love to add beams to the ceilings in our family room – or some kind of treatment to give it more character.

This shot is taken form my kitchen island. I’d say my view has improved, wouldn’t you?

Just outside both of my backyard windows flanking the fireplace I have bird feeders attached to my house. I enjoy seeing the cute birds come in for a snack. Now, I can enjoy my horse art too. These things bring me joy daily.

I hope you design your spaces in ways that give you joy too. Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back soon!


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Love the horse. I have a horse painting also and love it. Perfect piece for your room.