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I’m sharing my pantry with you today. I did part of this back in January but I added the skirt and lamp last week. Those were the last details I wanted before I shared it (it didn’t really take me that long to find or do this but other things were taking up my attention).

I wish I had a before photo but imagine it all white shelving with white walls. and lots of clutter.

Some of the floor plans we considered when we built this house had Butler Pantries. Ours does not. However, our pantry is a walk in. The thing we don’t like is that the door is a little narrow. After living here awhile I realized we never close the pantry door. I actually wish I would have paid more attention to this area while building but I was just so happy to get such good storage at all.

The first shelves as you walk into the little room was where we dropped everything. I mean everything. Mail, school papers, bread, light bulbs…etc. It was an awful sight.

I wanted to clean it up and make it look like a Butler Pantry. An outlet is here for either a microwave, coffee maker or for charging phones. It needed something visually pleasing that went with the rest of our kitchen.

First of all I removed one of the white shelves at eye level. I did that so I could make a counter with wood and have a sort of back splash and work space…we’ll call it head room.

Let me break down the steps

1. Removed eye level shelf.

2. Patched and painted the walls white.

3. Painted the the shelves just on this wall in Dixie Belle Spanish Moss.

4. Applied this peel and stick wallpaper.

5. Polyurethane the painted shelves in a satin finish.

6. Stain the wood that I had cut to size at Home Depot.

7. Apply the wood top to the waist high shelf (mine is deeper than the original shelving because I had room, plus it looks more like a counter top).

8. With a few corner brackets I attached a sort of apron to the under side of the wood top to bulk it up.

9. Cut a drop cloth the length and width I needed to add a skirt behind the countertop.

10. Use a tension shower curtain rod and window panel clips to install the skirt.

11. Installed a pot rack bar.

Painting the shelves a different color made such a difference.

Now when the door is open it’s visually pleasing and functional. I keep our toaster in there with a bread basket so we can keep a little clutter off the main kitchen counters.

I ordered this copper bar and hooks from Amazon. I have several pieces of copper around the kitchen so I placed some here too.

With there being an outlet I was able to put in a small appliance and a lamp.

At night I can turn on the lamp for a dim night light while we watch TV or wait for the boys to come home. I rarely use the overhead lights in the kitchen except in the winter when our days are short.

I also have small lamps for under cabinet lighting. Dim lighting is very cozy and calm feeling.

There is also a hook for aprons. You can never have too many hooks, or too many aprons.

I have more aprons just outside the pantry too.

This was a pretty easy thing to do and it makes such a difference because we can always see into this are. Around the corner is a deeper pantry that holds all the things. But it’s not very well put together so I am not sharing that today.

Maybe this inspires you to make a butler pantry somewhere near your kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I really like this! Peel and stick wallpaper? Wow! I like the mirror too, makes it appear larger. Nicely done!

Loved your pantry. I’m thinking of turning our coat closet into a pantry and you gave me some fantastic ideas. Oh the wheels do turn. Great job thank you.

What a great idea. I wish I had a butler’s pantry. We have 2 closets that are pantry’s. I’ve never had a walk in pantry but I still make mine as neat as possible. You have such visions. Enjoy your stories!