An Abandoned Mansion in VA


Hello friends!

Over Father’s Day weekend we got the boys to go with us to explore this old mansion and a little ghost town here in Virginia. Let me show you some of the photos I took.

I was so curious about why this place was here in this condition so I’ll give you a brief story of what I read.

It’s a dilapidated structure originally built in the mid 1700’s. It started as a four room home but as it changed hands new owners made additions to it.

In the 1800’s a Tabaco tycoon renovated and added onto the original structure making it the fancy mansion we see today, although falling apart.

He passed away in 1922 but his wife lived here until 1960 when she passed away at 103 years old! They had three children but all had lives and careers of their own.

The property was maintained until 1999 when the vision to make the property a resort, hotel, spa and country club was planned by, I believe, the town.

But, sadly, the funds never came through.

There was a golf course and country club built on the grounds but the mansion has remained unkempt. Leaving nature to do what it does.

But…I love old things, chipped paint and slightly imperfect structures so this mansion had me drooling around each corner.

I mean….look at this built in cabinet near the kitchen.

And all the fireplaces and mantels were to die for. One for every single room – all 14 of them.

We were here in the middle of a beautiful Sunday afternoon but we couldn’t help but think how in October, this would be a fun but sooky place to tell haunted stories at dusk.

After leaving I had to find out the story behind the beautiful structure because – if walls could talk, right?

One room that we couldn’t get into was a conservatory to the side of the home. Apparently the lady of the house loved to garden. The mansion sits on 361 acres of rolling Virginia hills. I can imagine the beauty it must have been.

I just gave you a brief version of the story but as I posted some photos on Instagram the big question I got was “Why was it abandoned?”


And to prove that my man-children will still hang out with me….here you go! Yes! They graduated from high school and turned into adults this year. It’s been a year of crying, I tell ya.

If you’d like more of the back story and photos I’ll leave THIS LINK. It was the one that gave the most detail. Also, it’s been for sale and HERE is that link. A 1.6 million dollar investment but man, I hope the right buyer comes along to bring her back to life.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks for being here!

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boy this place is a real ‘what if…’ I feel for the place..

Was für ein wunderbares Haus und wie schade, dass es bisher keinen Liebhaber gefunden hat, der es wieder zum Leben erweckt! Danke für die Bilder und den Bericht!

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