Re-Create Thrifted Wooden Finds


Hello my friend!

You know I love thrifting. Sometimes I go when I don’t really need anything but just like to hunt. One of my favorite things to bring home are wooden fruit bowls on a stand.

Let me show you the most recent up-cycled piece that I picked up a few weeks ago.

This is an after shot but I’ve found these at our Goodwill several times. It would be easy to pass up. These fruit stands never disappoint.

This little, wooden beauty is being used as a nightstand tray. You know when you need a place for odds and ends like, change, a watch, lip balm….in this case – a candle, room refresh and a plant.

This tray corrals all the small nightstand clutter into one place without obstructing the view of our stag art from IKEA.

This is a screen shot from my IG stories to show you the original color.

My idea was to use it for the bathroom, which I most likely will do, but in this post I am showing you how I used it as a night stand tray.

This is what I used to take off the original stain and bring it down to raw wood.

Apply the stripper solution generously with an inexpensive paint brush.

Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. You may have to do this process twice to get to the raw wood that I did.

Use a wire brush to penetrate the wood and stain.


Then rinse under water while scrubbing it with the wire brush. You won’t have to sand it at all.

It will look like this.

Let it dry in the sun for an hour or two.

This is the end result!

It’s a gorgeous raw wood!

I can think of several different ways to use this piece.

I don’t seal it because I like the raw, matte finish but you could put on a top coat or wax.

She’s a beauty!

Miss Maya approves!

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Also, are you living in a snow globe? Well, we are! That is rare here in Virgina. Actually it’s super icy out.

The great thing about it is that we get to stay home. Even the boys are here. I need a good binge watch. What are you watching right now?

Here are some that I watched recently and highly recommend.




The Act

Lie (movie)

Just a few to consider when you are snowed in.

Do you have a recommendation?

Until next time.

Stay warm and cozy!


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Ahhh I luv raw wood, great tip Holly!

oh my gosh Holly that is so pretty stripped down! I love the new look! And your dog is pretty darn cute too! 🙂