The Best Olive Green Paint Colors


Who is loving all the olive green paint colors popping up on social media? I am! But I have always loved olive green! I’ve used several and I share the Best Olive Green Paints in just a minute. At least ones I have used over and over again.

I’m super excited to show you the new paint in our bathroom.  This is my first time using this color and I know it won’t be the last.

You can see it BEFORE HERE.

I absolutely love a good olive green. Some paint colors I consider to be that are:

~ Providence Olive by Ben Moore (muddy and earthy) It was our kitchen color in Connecticut HERE.

~ Dark Olive by Ben Moore (rich – dark) The current dining room has this beautiful color HERE.

~ Northampton Putty by Ben Moore (more brown and earthy) Our bedroom was this color HERE.

and this one:

~ Old Salem Gray by Ben Moore (golden under tones and earthy).

The name is so perfect for it because it reminds me of old houses in New England with white-ish walls and this color of trim and doors. It feels old world to me.

Remember that my eye prefers warm under tones so all of these are pleasing to me because they are warm.

I can’t forget about my cabinet paint color – It’s Dixie Belle Paints in Spanish Moss. This is a great color for furniture. See it in my kitchen HERE.

As I was trying to decide what paint to use in this space I stopped by Sherwin Williams for some samples and loved some there too. Gray Area, Adaptive Shade and even….Black Fox. None of them were the green that I wanted but beautiful for other parts of our home.

I was so close to painting my bathroom in Black Fox – it’s basically a dark brown black. I bought a gallon but decided I am going to use that in an upcoming project that I will share soon.

I put this shelf up from Kirkland’s. It holds hand towels, soaps, Q tips. cotton balls and some spring floral from Target. The jars that hold the floral stems I found at the Goodwill but they still had the Crate and Barrell price tags on them. That was a lucky find.

This little caddy is from IKEA. I bought it to hang somewhere in my home from the ceiling with greens but never got around to putting it up. Must have been waiting for this!!!

I needed a spot for shampoo, conditioner, loofa, cloth & soap – the bottom tray was perfect. These come individually for about $13 and have a small place to hang from one another underneath.

This bathroom shower doesn’t get used much. It’s mainly for guests – and, well – that’s not happening these days. Having something hanging is pretty but may not be great for a shower that gets used daily.

Next to the caddy are some window panels hung way up high to compliment the tall ceilings. These are a ticking stripe in a dark gray and off white. I bought them at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. Again, it looks pretty but when guests come to use this bathroom I will put a waterproof shower curtain behind it hung inside the tile surround.

After the bathroom was completed Marc gave me a huge compliment about it by saying that it feels like a swanky restaurant bathroom. Exactly what I was going for.

Why does it feel that way? Because I painted the baseboards, ceiling and trim all the same color. I would have painted the inside of the door too but we are thinking of switching the way the door opens. It’s a little tight on this angle as is.

I meant to take a picture but in this one you can see the shower panel bar is actually a large closet dowel and bracket that is screwed into a wall stud. I feel like they are more sturdy than tension rods and more permanent.

Did you notice that I don’t have a towel bar? If you peak at the mirror you can see the reflection of a coat rack. That is what we use for towels. When the bathroom shower is being used I put that where the small table with the bust planter is. It’s super convenient to hang fluffy white towels from and I don’t need to make extra holes in the walls.

I hope you enjoyed reading all the details about our bathroom and if you love olive green check out the colors I mentioned above.

You can also view more of this in my story highlights on Instagram HERE,

Have a fun and safe February.



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