A New Handmade Coffee Table


H E L L O ! ! !

I am still with ~ the ~ living!

I haven’t put a blog post out for some time now. I’ve thought about it many times and even put a post together for Father’s Day, but didn’t have it edited in time to publish so it’s sitting in drafts – as we speak. (sigh)

B U T ….

I did a big DIY ~ that I am so proud of ~ during my absence here.

See that ~gi·nor·mous~ coffee table? YUP!

I ~ M A D E  ~ I T !

Since we’ve been home non-stop for so long, I have been wanting to get this family room right. Every time I would re~decorate it or get new furniture …. it still wasn’t feeling quite to scale.

Our whole house is pretty normal in size except this space. It’s super open to the kitchen and wide with lots of bright, natural light.

Here’s a  B E F O R E ….

That was fine…absolutely fine! B U T …

… I have had my eye on a coffee table from Restoration Hardware for a couple of years.

It’s gorgeous!

I loved it from day one! It would have cost near $2000. OK! Totally worth it. Seriously! If I weren’t a DIY-er — I’d totally pay that!!!

One day my husband told me to go ahead and order it. — WHOA!!!???

Uhm …. well, as I did my research ~  I found that I could buy similar turned legs like these from an Etsy store call Rustic9 (LINK).

I paid $150 for four legs and bought the rest of the lumber from a local lumber store. I didn’t buy my wood from Home Depot or Lowe’s because I have found that you have to really dig for straight pieces, plus the customer service at lumber stores is much better! I shop at Home Depot and Lowe’s A LOT though. Just not for projects like this one.

In the picture above you can see that all of my cuts were straight. I am not writing this as a tutorial because I didn’t take step by step pictures.

The top is made from 2 x 12’s and 2 X 8’s. I liked the grain and some knots. The stain is Minwax ~ Golden Oak and Special Walnut mixed.

It measures  46 inches wide X 71 inches long. WOW!

You can see in the picture (two up) that I attached all the pieces together by screwing wood slats on the under side to hold everything together.

My nail gun was super helpful with attaching all the pieces too.

I have a highlight on my Instagram if you want to see a fast forward video of me making it HERE.

I am loving warm, light woods lately. Remember when I used Dark Walnut for  E V E R Y T H I N G? Not today!

Are you wondering where my rug went?

SIGH! Yeah, Maya has a hard time understanding “go potty” still. She’s used our rug a few too many times to do her thing ~ so I took the rug outside to pressure wash it.

Great – that worked …. until a huge rainstorm came in (#cry).

There was no way to get that thing dry enough and it started to stink real quick. It’s gone and I am working with Maya (still) so that one of these days a rug purchase will be worth it.

I am thinking a black and white rug will tie in these earth tones with the rest of our house. My favorite color combo is black+white+earth~tones! (even my wedding was decorated in those colors 26 years ago – wait ….. 26 years ago???? Oh my!)

You might be wondering what I am doing with the window treatments. Are you?

Remember when I had these white panels up?

They are coming back!

Only D I F F E R E N T !  Working on that project soon and I will share it with you.

Want a hint?

That is all I am sharing about that for now.

This family room has had many faces and yet to have more. I do feel like I am on the right track this time. I am excited to get the rug and curtains up for another post to share.

I am also excited for Maya to get slightly smarter. She’s a sweetheart but a tough one to train. She knows “sit” and her name …. T H A T   I S   I T ! ! !

If you don’t have Instagram, that’s OK!!!! – I share on Facebook too HERE. 

I share more in between posts in those two places.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention …. I found these two leather chairs at Homegoods. They were a super great buy and made especially for my family room. Can you see the braid detail? Yeah, it’s dark leather with camel color leather that matches my Crate and Barrel sofa.

And …. yeah …. they all match my pets, even Miss Judy the bunny (she’s playing outside).

OK ~ friends! I am signing off for now. I look forward to sharing with you more next time.

Stay well, healthy and positive! These are some strange times we live in. Take the opportunity to look inward, focus on your home and L E T  I T  BE!

With love,