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Hello Friends!

I hope you are all hanging in there with this COVID 19 saga. I admit that I am a bit scared for our future but I am trying to keep busy while staying home. I know this won’t last forever and actually, maybe some good changes will come out of it. I am sad for those who are suffering and I pray for them.

Our bedroom has been white for over a year and I have been ready for a change.

While I still wanted white I changed the original Eider White from Sherwin Williams to Pure White also by Sherwin Williams. Pure White is warmer with no gray or pink undertones.

The accent wall behind the bed is Urbane Bronze by SW. It’s my favorite dark color right now. I chose it for our mudroom (yet to share), both french doors and for the waincoting in the family room HERE. It is also on the trim around the roof of the exterior of our house so I love that there is a consistent play of the same color throughout the house.


At some point I see built in shelving on the two walls flanking the windows. I love books and I would like to store them all right here where I read. It looks a bit plain at the moment but it has a fresh, simple vibe.

Our window panels came down because of the new paint. I just want white blinds. I am craving minimalist – ish design.

I have loved a rustic or “cafe chic” style for a very long time and have tried to embrace a little  farmhouse too. That look wasn’t feeling right in this newer colonial of ours. So I ditched the ticking stripe curtains, the chippy vintage mantel in the bedroom and now less really is more.

Maybe it’s because there is so much uncertainty in the air right now that makes me want something new. However, I do think it’s natural to graduate from a style as you grow into new phases in life. I could feel that coming for a few years. Inspiration was hard for me to find but all of the sudden, I know what my style looks like and it will fit my more grown up life (my babies are now 17).

Some designers say that a TV in the master bedroom is a huge no-no but we live here. I have all boys in my house and we can rarely agree on a program to watch on TV together, let alone agree on paint colors and design. All of a sudden there are more opinions than my own to consider. That’s is fine because I am ready for it.

We have double doors to the bedroom and most of the time we keep the one side closed. Our carpet is super light but it’s a really low grade quality that the builder included. We will eventually put in either wood or a darker plush carpet in all of the bedrooms. The rest of the house is natural oak floors. I love the look of wood in the bedroom but carpet is more comfortable.



Sometimes I make my bed like the cleaning ladies do it (a rare gift here and there). They fold the sheet over the comforter like you see in the photo. I have only three decorative pillows in the center but the other six down feather pillows we actually use.

I like a lot of pillows surrounding me when I rest plus we let Mazi and Maya sleep with us.  They usually take up one or two of them for themselves. Once in a while I feel like an elephant is trying to fit on our king sized bed with us when really it’s two 10 pound pups.

This guy is the only art we have in the room. It’s from IKEA and only around $50 including the frame. I had to have him because I no longer have horse photos and I think he gives our bedroom just a little bit of masculinity, which is only fair, right?

Eventually I would love a large floor mirror on the white wall to the right of this photo. We previously had the old, vintage mantel with gold candlesticks on it there. You can see that post HERE.

While I still think that look is beautiful I recently pulled all the white, chippy furniture and accents out of my house. I think I’m over it. It’s all going to the shop to sell whenever, if ever, our little shop opens again.

If you missed my last post with our new and simplified family room you can see it HERE.

The next project we have been working on is my son’s room. I am excited to show it to you.

Happy Home Time!

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I love your bedroom ceiling! Did you do the detail or was it your builders?
Love the new look- fun to see your creativity evolve. Share more soon !