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Happy February!

Last week a friend and I took a little day trip to IKEA. It’s close to DC so it takes almost 2 hours to get there. Otherwise, I would go a lot more often.

Boy, was it worth it!

These rails with hooks are perfect for storing items that I need to reach easily. My hand mits are hanging there for when I pull things out of the oven.

The little cream bags are filled with limes and potatoes. They are also from IKEA.  I love the look and texture of them.

A watering can, small cutting boards and a little jar to make it look like this is a house we “live” in.


Our kitchen and family room are basically all in one big space. There are zero walls for art in here because of the windows so I hung my black and white bull picture on the cabinet side panel. He is from Kirklands.

I haven’t shared the old breakfast nook area with you guys yet. We actually made that room into a cozy morning room with a TV in there. Our sectional sofa just fits and it works out great when the boys want to watch Family Guy. I can be in the kitchen and not have to watch it, although….it’s a pretty funny show.

The morning sun warms up this room and it feels so good to sit here with cup of coffee. I took out the coffee table because it was too big for the room. I just put TV trays and small plant stands around for us to place a drink or snack.



I also bought that little fig tree on my IKEA trip. It was $49.

I am excited to share more of what I brought home very soon. I have to put something together first.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2020 so far.

My family and I are doing really well but not without challenges. My teenagers are pretty good kids but lately, one has decided that high school is so stupid. (sigh) Have you had a child refuse to go to school? Help!

Until next time!



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