Whitewash Fail & the Dining Room


Hello Friends!

Happy New Year!

I started the year off with a DIY fail. Do you know what it was? Well, you see that old cabinet in the dining room? It’s such an awesome piece. It’s actually a vintage pantry.

That picture above is the original color. I wanted it to be lighter but without having to strip it. (lazy)

I bought white wax and clear wax to see if applying that would work. In my head I was thinking it could turn pinkish and I hesitated but then I sampled a corner of the cabinet to see what it looked like.

It was evening and dark outside and at first I couldn’t tell how it looked so I gave the whole thing the same treatment.


The next morning the sun came shining in and….

It looked awful!!!!

Do Not white wax dark wood! It just makes the wood look cloudy and dull.

You can see the white in this picture. (sigh)

I searched for tutorials for this and honestly, found no good results. Some people used glaze, which would give a similar affect but the result was so ugly (to me). So why did I try? I couldn’t get it off my mind.

I’m not sure where I am going with it from here. It may not even stay in the dining room at all.

Who knows.

I made the best of it and styled the top in vintage finds and greens.

This is pretty much the only wall on the first floor that I can display a tall furniture piece because all the other walls have windows.

The table center piece is a galvanized tray with living greens and a birdhouse. I love birdhouses in winter decor.

I think I will dark wax over the cabinet or paint it. Do you have an opinion? Let me know in comments.

I thought I would share this fail just in case you thought this might work too.

Have a wonderful January!

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[…] painted this old pantry cabinet in Cocoon by Sherwin Williams. You can see what it was like before HERE. I thought about stripping it but there is so much wood in our house – floors, piano, huge […]

Please, please don’t paint it!! Have you tried a hardware store or even a Sherwin Williams to see if you can restore the finish to it’s original glory?

Please don’t paint it…xoxo Miss You

please don’t paint it! xoxo

Heyaaaaa sweet Holli, Honestly in the pics it’s kinda hard to tell but I’m sure in person it’s much different. Can you take the wax off with a product? Well anywise…….your dining room looks lovely.