Our Christmas Tree 2019


We finally got the house decorated for Christmas! With Thanksgiving being later this year and a couple of super special birthdays that followed, our Christmas decorating was not top priority.


Here we are though, with presents under the tree and all (thanks to some grandparents who are on the ball).


Did you notice our sofa? Yeah, it’s different. We ordered it from Crate and Barrel over Labor Day weekend. It’s a camel color leather and I love it! It’s an early Christmas present to the whole family.


I keep moving the room around. I know that doesn’t surprise a soul! The chair you see is a Goodwill find. I stripped it down and restained it. TheĀ  original pillows were orange, likes 1970’s, so those went in the garbage. I am using an outdoor cushion and a couple of euro pillows on it right now.


It’s actually a really comfy chair.


The dogs have not been kind to our previous rug so I moved this striped one back in this space until Maya is completely potty trained. (sigh)


I just realized I am including pictures of the same room set up in two different ways in one post. Believe it or not, it was photographed in the same day . LOL!


I am actually keeping my eye out for two matching chairs for this family room. My hubby has been super sweet to buy me a sofa of my dreams already so I am just waiting for the perfect thing to come up.

We have a couple more projects going on that I am excited to share once they are complete. We have lived in this house for 18 months and maybe I have said this before but it takes at least that much time or more to feel at home in a new house.

We have had to save up for some projects to get tackled, like the back yard, and to be honest, the backyard has been such a disappointment this whole time. But! There is progress happening now!

I say this every post but I do share a lot in my Instagram stories if you want to follow along there (HERE).

I wanted to pop on quick to share these pictures before Christmas comes and goes.

I do have some stories to share that aren’t all related to home decor too. I am hoping to embrace this new blog platform and try to master it this coming year. It has been a tough transition for me and I can share more at a later time about my regrets …. but since it’s Christmas time….have a super happy season with your loved ones. Remember, time is short and you never know what this year will bring. Speaking from experience – don’t let things get in the way of just loving everyone. Love is all that matters. I promise!


This year we used all the ornaments that the kids have made and ones that were from my childhood too. It was a special day when we put up our live tree this year because we shared all the stories that went with each ornament. Sadly, so much has changed and those memories are all we have left. I hope my family and I continue to create memories worth sharing and I hope you and yours find joy, love and good memories to treasure this Christmas too.


Let’s enjoy the time we are given and make this Christmas a happy one to remember.

Merry Christmas my sweet friends!


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