Fall Family Room 2019


Hello there friends!

I didn’t mean to take such a long blog break but here we are and it’s already time for Fall decor. My Summer flew by.

Several things have changed since my last post in this room.

I sold our gray sofas and brought down our sectional that had been in the loft (LINK HERE). It’s super comfortable and the fabric is durable.  It fits the way we use this space better than the grey chesterfield sofas.

I ordered a new couch for this space and I’ll share that later but so far we are loving the room set up like this.

This Fall I am loving mustard yellow. I picked up this throw from Target. It adds a great texture and a fun pop of seasonal color. The greens in the pillows and around the house compliment the warm tones.

I painted the fireplace wall white a couple of weeks ago. The wood was great but I felt like it was heavy for the room. I loved our all white mantel in our Connecticut home (here) and decided that, even though it was a bit of work, it would be worth it to change.  The whole family agrees that it brightens the room and feels fresh.

More changes have happened too. We have a new addition to our family.

This is Maya. She’s a Shorkie. She likes to dig and has mud on her nose at all times. I am in love with her.

Mazi is not in love with Maya but we have made progress since Maya’s arrival a few weeks ago. You know Mazi is super spoiled so sharing her space and attention has been rough but they finally play and will sleep on the same piece of furniture (not touching).

I have mixed old with new accents for Fall in here, besides the dogs.

I keep throw pillows for a long time, I don’t know if that’s normal but I grabbed a couple of new ones this season too.

I love an earthy green and of course, black and white – those are my staple colors. The green pillow is from Target also.

With a few mini pumpkins, gourds and candles it’s just enough fall for me.

Did you see the little ceramic ones in the dollar section at Target? I mixed them with some plastic ones from Joann Fabrics. They are small so they don’t interfere with the view of the TV.

If you have an idea for wall color let me know. I think I like the white but not 100%. After a year here I am still editing – I have come to terms that it’s just my way of life.

Hope you are all doing great and enjoying the changing season. I am on Instagram more often than the blog – because it’s easier. So if you want to follow along there my handle is hollybrowninghome (here) Also, since I switched from blogger to WordPress my emails don’t go out to the same people who had subscribed previously so you may have to sign up again, if you like. I will have to write my thoughts on the switch soon too. I am feeling a little frustrated about it. Gah!

Anyway –

Happy Fall Y’all!

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Hi Holly….Love it all! And I really love the lamps by the fireplace